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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 11:51

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The local election hype appears to be still high. In the case of son Jaime “Boday”, in summary, these are the comments the SS (Short for Sound Sniper or Sound Snipings) gets in his rounds of the barangays, “El anak gane ya gana, pues victima gat uste de daya del 2013 elections. El tata pa. (The son has even won, thus, you are a true victim of cheating in the 2013 elections. What more with the father!).

Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? (That does need to be memorized?), so goes the slogan of a local FM station.

Sweet victory. Such sweet sweet victory. The Cabato family thanks God for guiding the minds of the people in voting.

And not that we are glad, Litlit Macrohon failed to get into the magic 8 but rather we are glad he is a teammate in the Red and just happened to be him on 9th place. If it was one from the yellow team, from all indications, Boday was to have been yanked down to No. 9. Useless to pay up some more, when the one getting in is also a frolm the Celso camp.

But it was different in 2013 even if Councilor Rudy Bayot, a teammate, may have been on 9th, but then Councilor Jimmy Cabato was the dreaded one. Cabato had to go.

Therefore, the Cabato family more so now thanks God for not allowing evil schemers to re-do their thing.

And thank you, too people of Zamboanga. That continued trust will forever be cherished, And re-paid in services

* * * *

If the election hype locally is still high, more so is it on the vice presidential level. Today, the Sen. Bongbong Marcos-Cong. Leni Robredo battle dominated all newspaper dailies. Varied reactions and comments were enumerated.

First, the Marcos camp said, Marcos is now leading rival Robredo by 995,207 votes. This was based on the official Certificates of Canvass (COC) gathered so far by the senator’s legal team.

On the other hand, administration bet Robredo claims she is “sure” that she will emerge as the winner in the race for Vice President.

As of Saturday (May 14, 2016), 3:30 pm, Marcos had a total of 12,479,207 votes, compared with Robredo’s 11,484,092. And the figures are based on 102 out of 122 COCs, or 87.7 percent.

Controversy struck the May 9 polls after the camp of Marcos exposed the allegedly mysterious introduction of a new computer program script that changed the hash code in the transparency server of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), suspecting that election results were tampered with.

Fears that the vote had been manipulated were raised after Robredo of the Liberal Party suddenly overtook the almost 1 million vote lead of the Ilocano senator in the count conducted by the election watchdog PPCRV in less than five hours during which the nation of more than 100 million were mostly asleep.

And if that is not cheating, what kind of dog is that?

Repeat, the last lead of Marcos of votes was posted at 2:59 a.m. of May 9.

A minute later, at 3 a.m., Robredo took the lead, with 14,876 more votes than those for Marcos.

At the wink of an eye Robredo was ahead by 9,337.

Mahiya naman kayo. Masyado na yang garapalan. {Feel some shame, you guys. That’s overly shameful.)

Those figures were based on the Comelec’s transparency server count monitored by the election watchdog and Catholic Church-based Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

Since that time, Marcos never regained the lead based on the PPCRV quick count and Robredo began maintaining a 200,000-vote lead.

* * * *

Earlier, it was written that the Aquino asdmnisyatyion refrained from tampering with the presidential results, admitting the surveys showed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte winning, as it happened, by a large margin. It feared, manipulating an administration-backed Mar Roxas victory with initiate people power.

So, the administration concentrated on the vice presidency; thus, maneuvering a Robredo win via the reported mysterious introduction of a new computer program script that changed the hash code in the transparency server of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

But ex-Sen. Kit Tatad thinks otherwise, writing that a Marocs defeat could also spell troubled for the Aqujino dispensation. Read on -

The Tatad prognosis “… a growing perception, bordering on belief, that the Independent vice-presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has been cheated or is being cheated, even as we speak, of his rightful victory, has engendered fears that public anger could spill into the streets… Anger seems to be building up not only among the ardent supporters of Bongbong Marcos, but even among those who are simply concerned about the integrity and viability of the polls. They believe that the unofficial count by the famously misnamed “Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting” (PPCRV) is being manipulated to alter the actual votes from the precincts, (to) rob the winner of his legitimate victory, and favor a losing candidate. This requires concrete proof, but people will not wait for it.

Many did not vote during the elections. They could not see meaningful change coming; they were also convinced the law was not complied with, and that it would be marked by fraud…”

Now, he says, the people are infuriated, angry with what the Aquino regime is doing to Marcos.

It’s the cry of a wounded conscience.

What has happened, and is happening, defies logic, statistical probability and precedent. Marcos, after leading the unofficial count from 5 p.m. of May 9 by as much as 1 million votes, was mysteriously overtaken by LP’s Leni Robredo by 1 a.m. of Tuesday in an undeviating linear or straight-line pattern which confounded analysts.

* * * *

For good reasons, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stood pat on his decision not to concede, pending the transmission of remaining votes from the vote counting machines.

And the lawyer of former senator Francisco Tatad yesterday supported allegations of cheating in last week’s general polls…”

Atty. Manuelito Luna claimed that he personally witnessed electronic fraud in the canvassing of votes in at least two provinces in Mindanao.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how hundreds to thousands of votes got electronically altered during the process of transmission and manual importation,” he told The STAR.

He was there to witness the canvassing as a lawyer of several candidates.

* * * *

The outcome of the vice presidential race is still uncertain as the Commission on Elections admitted there are still discrepancies in the certificates of canvass from six provinces, accounting for about 4.2-million votes, and special elections to be held in 11 towns with 19,791 votes.

And a lawyer for an opposition group who asked not to be named said the number of provinces with discrepancies has ballooned to 20 provinces, and that the hard copies of election returns did not match with the transmitted tally sent to the transparency server of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting.

Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, however maintained that there are only six provinces where votes have discrepancies and were now being audited by a subcommittee created by the Comelec.

Which figures are to be believed have yet to be seen.