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Thursday, 19 May 2016 13:30


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them…” (Hebrews 6:10, the Holy Bible).

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“PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENT” IS LEGALLY AND GRAMATICALLY CORRECT:  Whoever started calling Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the “presumptive president” surely did his sleuthing well on his choice of the word “presumptive”. A check with Google on what “presumptive” actually means gives rise to the conclusion that, indeed, the proper way to address Duterte at this point is “presumptive president”.

First, Duterte has not been proclaimed yet, even if partial and unofficial vote tallies show him to be leading by the proverbial mile against his rivals. And because he has not been proclaimed yet, he could not be properly called “president elect”. A “president elect” is someone who has not assumed office yet, although he had already been proclaimed the winner.

On the other hand, “presumptive” means “having a good reason to believe that something is true” (see or “based on a presumption” or “presumed” (see or “based on probability or presumption” (see In short, a “presumptive president” is a person who, like Duterte, could be presumed or believed to be the next president, based on unofficial election results, although he is not proclaimed yet.

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OFFICIALS WITH NO STATEMENT OF CONTRIBUTIONS MAY NOT ASSUME OFFICE: Here is a reminder to the candidates in the just-concluded May 09, 2016 elections, whether they won or lost: you must file a “statement of contributions and expenditures” not later than 30 days after the day of election, pursuant to Section 14, Republic Act No. 7166.

You are facing possible perpetual disqualification from holding any public office if you failed to do so, in at least two elections. What is more important is this: if the candidate won, he may not be allowed to assume the office in which he got elected.

The law says: “No person elected to any public office shall enter upon the duties of his office until he has filed the statement of contributions and expenditures required herein within the period prescribed by this act.” These parts of RA 7166 could prove to be effective weapons against political rivals. This could prevent a candidate from proceeding with his candidacy, and a winner from assuming his post.

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PNOY, TRILLANES, FACE DEATH FOR CHINA TREASON: President Aquino and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV are in danger of facing the death penalty for their alleged complicity in the take-over of Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea by China, which happened, according to Mayor Duterte, after Trillanes visited Chinese officials 16 times during the presidency of President Aquino.

Duterte told media on Monday, May 16, 2016, that Trillanes could have committed treason. “Trillanes went to China 16 times and, after the 16th visit, we lost the Scarborough Shoal. To me, its treason,” Duterte was quoted as saying. His supporters sued Aquino and Trillanes with treason before the Ombudsman before the elections.

The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, under its Art. 114,  defined “treason as follows: “Any person who, owing allegiance to the Government of the Philippine Islands, not being a foreigner, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort within the Philippine Islands or elsewhere, shall be punished by reclusion temporal to death...” Death penalty, however, is suspended as of the moment.

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