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Friday, 20 May 2016 13:51



Los Angeles, CA. — By a hairline, City Hall has taken the City Council. The Amarillos snatched nine seats in the legislative body as against seven by Team Colorao. Counting the two sectoral representatives in favor of the Rojos, the count is a dead heat, 9-9. But the Yellow Team holds the tie-breaker, the vice mayor. I can sense that Mayor Beng Climaco de Salazar will court some members of Team Colorao, especially the soft-hearted and ambitious ones to side with her. From my count, at least three reds will turn yellow.

With the exception of Mr. Rudy Bayot, the city council is made up of young, more diverse individuals who will hopefully help carry the torch of progress espoused by the mayor. The social and health care programs need to be restudied, as most of our old, irrelevant ordinances should be. More money should be appropriated for these twin important programs to afford wider coverage for the poor.

Also, in line with national laws, an ordinance should be enacted for wider gun control. Efforts should also be made not only to erect school buildings for secondary education, but also increase diversity in eduction.

These should necessarily bear the fingerprints of Reps. Celso L. Lobregat and Mannix Dalipe who must bury the hatchet and discuss how their economic strategies can compliment with those of the city. The will of the voters and the majority who didn’t vote in the last elections should be taken into serious account. The political and personal disengagement between these two families should come to an end.

And then, the political peace will cease with the ability of Mr. Lobregat to co-exist with city hall. This is the true meaning of “unity and continuity.”

Yes, city hall the last three years has epitomized unprecedented transparency. Anything and everything going on in that center of power is divulged the everybody. After years of remarkable progress, Zamboanga stands to be the next hub of local and foreign investments. That is why the present establIshment is pushing for rapid infrastructure and medical sophistication to confront the challenges.

Yes, the mayor has vulnerabilities being a woman and confronted with difficult decisions to make. She will need a crack team this time to help her make hard choices and decisions. She should have more thinking assistants in the caliber of Atty. Jesus Carbon and planning officer Jojo Sikat.

Let me divert your attention to this footnote. Four of our last seven mayors were Jesuit-trained. Therefore, these four possess the Jesuit teaching tradition that emerged from the rhetorical studies of the ancient Greeks, grew through renaissance humanism and codified in “ratio studiorum” — ‘Eloquentia Perfecta.

It is a mastery of written and spoken expression guided by consistent principles. One of its core principles is humility. The speaker begins not with himself, but with an understanding of the needs and concerns of his audience.

Now you know why Madam Beng, Sir Celso, Sir Manny Dalipe and Senorito Erbie Fabian speak the way they do.

Going back to the topic of this column, The mayor will get her proposed projects done because the Amarillos control the city council. It’s as simple as that.