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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 11:10

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


The camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Sunday stressed that while it will closely guard the counting of votes for Vice President —  the post being contested by Marcos —  and vowing to scrutinize each and every COC (certificate of canvass), for Vice President and highlight the impossibility of the partial unofficial result, it will not be a hindrance to speedy canvass of votes and immediate proclamation of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the new President.

“Any legal issue without precedent yet, we will surely elevate to the High Court for guidance and for the protection of our rights,” Garcia said.

He added that they may ask the NBOC to defer the proclamation of the Vice President until all legal issues are resolved.

Meanwhile, pending before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is a Marcos request for the conduct an audit because of the introduction of a new computer script on the evening of May 9, 2016 into the Comelec’s transparency server where election watchdogs are getting data for their quick count.

The introduction of the new script, Marcos’ camp said, is suspect because it may have altered results of the polls.

The change was perpetrated by technology provider Smartmatic’s project head Marlon Garcia without asking permission from the Comelec.

Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara said the official canvassing of votes for President and Vice President will put an end to all issues regarding the May 9 elections.

No, not will. And may, yes, for who knows that the electronically transmitted results were not tampered with as what Smartmatic had done on the evening of 9th May.

* * * *

SS may have been wrong to have earlier assessed the displayed “canto boy” image of Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte as a simple put-on to rake in the votes. But after a brief silence after the elections, he is back to his usual ways of a tough guy stance.

The trash-talking presidential victor’s tirades against the Catholic Church are back and spiced even more with venomous accusations. Duterte blasted church bishops for what he termed as hypocrisy for condemning him, yet have been asking favors from the government.

Addressing Catholic bishops, here are his exact stinging words as quoted by the papers, “You sons of whores, aren’t you ashamed? You ask so many favors, even from me,” he said.

Whoops. A grey area appears to surface there, SS dares say. To SS’s readings, there were but a very few of them (bishops). Normally, when the Church hierarchy condemns anyone a pastoral letter is read on pulpits of all churches. To our knowledge, save for two or three bishops, no such pastoral letter of condemnation was released.

Thus, the Church hierarchy deserves no such diatribes.

And it seems, too, the victory he snatched is getting into his head. He described his conquest in spite of  Church opposition to his election as to have served as a referendum, showing he was more influential than the Church hierarchy.

* * * *

While SS is impressed no more of his bullying ways, SS has always sided with Duterte on the issue of killing.

And this conformity has grown even more when Cabinet Chairman Monggueh “Genghis” Gan, the Conqueror, read to his members a passage on the book of  Genesis: 9, 16 - “Man was made like God. Whosoever murders a man will himself be killed by his fellowman.”

Recently, the Catholic church said it opposed Duterte’s plan to reinstate the death penalty.

Food for thought. SS plays fair, you know that.

* * * *

Oooops. Sorry. Further scanning of the research material SS gathered  today does show that there was indeed a pastoral letter clearly attributed to the Duterte. But to SS said letter was too mild as compared to the reported call of Mayor Beng Climaco directly asking Zamboangueños not to vote for Duterte. This, SS gathered from two to three reactions made by the Duterte media bureau.

The pastoral letter simply asked voters to reject a candidate who takes positions that are “not only politically precarious but worse, morally reprehensible.

No direct mention of Duterte.

There was no outward mention of a particular candidate, both local and national. While to the knowledgeable, it was clearly who, lot of others, it could have then been anybody, mind you.

* * * *

Manuel J. Laserna, former FEU law professor and a practitioner in the Laserna-Cueva-Mercader law office, came to the rescue of the Catholic Bishops, listing down several points. SS was to re-print all the citations here, but had to dissuade from doing so, as it took almost one-page full.

So, SS simply re-prints Laserna’s closing statement, “… sometimes I am tempted to conclude that Duterte’s very close, if not fanatical, relationship with and deep ideological indoctrination by top-ranking communists since the 1960s up to now has quietly converted him to an Atheist, the “religion” of hardcore Communists cadres.

Whenever I listen to Duterte, I always get the feeling that his mind is not only agitated by hate and ego but is also closed to reason and diversity of opinions because he listens only to himself and his alter egos and believes his own lies.”

You decipher matters, folks and draw your own conclusion. SS plays fair.

* * * *

Mauro Gia Samonte, writing for TMT relates an article that was published in 1989 in the Los Angeles Times. The author is Emmy-awarded journalist and historian Stanley Karnow.

It was titled “In the Philippines, the CIA Has Found a Second Home”. And he contends, “The fact that Manila has been a regional headquarters of the CIA for Southeast Asia is an open secret. From Edward Lansdale’s role in Ramon Magsaysay election as president in 1953 to the Wikileaks cables, CIA’s meddling in the Philippines internal affair has been a proven fact.

Agreed. SS has always held that contention.

Reason - In  the most immediate celebration of Philippine-American Friendship day, the 4th of July following  the February EDSA Revolt, SS viewed on TV a US documentary that revealed some secret US moves in Philippine politics. The American narrator openly said, at best as SS remembers, “The American government is happy to have helped overthrow a dictator.”

In similar pattern, he said, the narrator professed it was the CIA was instrumental in the installation of then Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay as eventual President. An army captain - who could have been the article-cited Edward Lansdale - was the speech writer of Magsaysay, and the one who tutored him on how be attired wearing a salukut and rubber boots, with one leg-pants rolled up, and a scythed bolo tucked to his waist.

And SS swears, to that effect, those were the very words of the American narrator in the documentary.

Brazen as the narrator was, he just must have had clearance from the US government.


And if that is not CIA workings, dunno then what it was. Decipher and draw your own conclusions, folks.