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Thursday, 26 May 2016 13:15

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Sorry. So sorry. Today’s SS version may for sure be very brief. In chabano, it is said, “Let us to see.”

Just now, as SS was to start grinding, a Boday office aide approached me to borrow my USB to store a barangay clearance form for printing on another PCU.

Tough struck along the way.

It happened, the aide’s PCU in use is virus-infected and it corrupted all files in the USB. Stored in it included the selected newsworthy materials SS had earlier researched for today’s topics.

And SS, having read only the titles of the news items without scanning their contents has to settle writing only from memory and solely based on the news titles that caught his attention.

* * * * *

Yesterday we wrote about our water district officials wariness of a continued El Niño, which we  snidely debunked. Remember?

No sooner had we spoken than Pagasa issued a bulletin, “Summer is over. The rains are here.”

Pagasa even  predicted stormy weather a-coming, the first of which will be named “Ambo”.

* * * * *

The Marcos camp yesterday filed criminal charges against the team of systems provider Smartmatic, led by one Gonzales was it — can’t readily remember — who publicly admitted they did change the transparency server of the vote counting machines, without clearance from the Comelec en banc.

And changing the transparency server automatically also changed the machines’ hash tag.

Their reason is that they only changed all the question marks in it (?) to the letter “Ñ”.

Flimsy reason by any analysis. What the heck is there need for the change  when the elections were over and done. It was counting time already. Unless intended, the change would not have mattered in  the count.

That change became suspect as the pilferage came at a time when the bulk of the votes were pouring in, and in no moment at all, the nearly a million votes lead of Sen. Bongbong Marcos vanished into thin air, with Cong. Leni taking the lead by over 2,000 votes.

Garapal gayot! ( So very thick, as in shameless!). Grueso! (Barefaced!. Unabashed! Brazen!Blatant! And what have you!)

Charged with the Smarmatic experts for Violation of the Anti-Cybercrime Law were their Comelec counterparts who allowed the unauthorized and illegal alteration.

By any scrutiny, the change was a deliberate act intended to cheat.

* * * * *

Sen. Marcos, in the meantime questioned Comelec’s inaction to his petition to examine the contents of the transparency servers used then and now.

Gracious God. The petition remains unacted upon up to now, and the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) has started counting today. Thus, this scenario comes to mind.

Any move to set the voting trend in the PPCRV Operation Quick Count in favor of a candidate is clearly aimed to condition  the mind of the electorate.

And in the evening of 10 May when the transparency server was switched, the trend that surfaced was for a Robredo win.

The scenario could then mean, transparency servers of the transmitting machines were undetectedly also pilfered.

If so, Goodness gracious, the winner is Leni  Robredo.


* * * * *

The US embassy appears peeved over the statement of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte made in an interview with mediamen.

When asked to comment on  the congratulatory message sent him by the American Embassy,  he was quoted to have described  it as “A simple hello note.”

Very evidently, there was more to it than a mere hello. The message spoke of hopes of deepened relations between The P:hilippiknes and US.

To it, the US envoy reacted.

But not having read the story in full, SS is in no position to quote the ambassador, other than that the reaction seemed clothed with annoyance.

* * * * *

Have long wanted to write about a “presumptive President” as how the media  addresses Davao City Mayor Duterte. Thus, veteran Manila columnist beat me to the draw. In  any case, SS just the same talks about it today, noting that Jurado reasons out different.

He says Duterte is no presumptive President.. That by the way Duterte talks he is President. That people, like cab drivers and some others, even now dutifully follows his planned orders.

You may readily have noticed, it was only once — attributed to haste — that SS addressed Duterte as a “presumptive President.”

For a different reason than that of the respected Jurado, in the eyes of SS, Duterte is no “presumptive President”. To SS he is any of the following, a President-elect, an in-coming or a President -in-waiting.

“Presumptive” does not even appear on any of the dictionaries encoded in Microsoft’s Publisher Program

But quite definitely, it must have come from the word “Presumption”, which means supposition, conjecture, assumption, hypothesis, deduction, a guess, an opinion, etc.

Duterte is nothing of that sort. By noon of 20th June, he is President. So, at this time, Duterte is no presumptive President. To SS, he is any of the following, a President-elect, an in-coming or a President -in-waiting.


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