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Friday, 27 May 2016 14:16

BY Jimmy Cabato

DZT carried this item, guess it was yesterday. “Acting Mayor Cesar Iturralde, who has just been reelected vice mayor for the third and last term, was looking forward with excitement to exercising one of his functions as presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod — a tie-breaker.

Iturralde was confident that the new composition of the local legislative body, having 9 members in each bloc (LP and LDP), will give him the opportunity to exercise a provision of the Local Government Code,” which states a presiding officer, the vice mayor can vote only to break a tie.

Iturralde expressed elation over the matter.

Such wistful thinking, we suppose. A dram that may just turn sour.

Just as SS contributor, having been a 19-year council veteran — until Team Pinoy cheated him of sure victory in  2013 — some others in the present set-up may also know their onions. It’s a certainty, either of the two blocs can stop dead any of the measures it so wishes.

In a set of 18 councilors, the majority is one half plus one. The plurality then is 10. And both blocs have 9 apiece. That is where Ituh’s dream will spoil.

Dear friends, this is the sure-fire scenario that will ensue when either of the blocs would wish to kill a measure. Moments before counting is to be called, one member from either bloc - depending on which he/she is inclined to side - can simply leave the hall, and force a no tie-breaking opportunity for the Vice Mayor, That leaves the remaining bloc with only 9 votes, which is less than vote needed to form a simple majority. Easily, the measure on the floor is killed.

See the point. Simple. As easy as eating pie. Ituh dream, pffft...

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Iturralde said the majority bloc has yet to elect the incoming majority floor leader even as it was earlier reported that Councilor Rodolfo Bayot of LP, being the No. 1 councilor in both districts, has been eyed for the position.

Majority bloc? Discounting non-voting member — Iturralde — there is no such animal. Both blocs have an equal number of members — 9.

For the two blocs to form a complete set of committees, there will have to be equal distribution of chairmanships and members for a consensus to be  reached.

And for friend Bayot to be floor leader, hmmm…

No comment.

* * * * *

Feats such as this does never misses citation in this corner. It merits due prominence and public commendation. Congratulations to Sr. Insp. Elmer Solon and his Police operatives, for nabbing two persons in whose possession were confiscated illegal shabu drugs worth P500,000 in the market during a buy-bust operation in San Roque Tuesday morning.

The buy-bust operation was mounted around 7 a.m., where an undercover police operative bought a small sachet of shabu from the suspects in exchange of P300 marked money.

Following the deal, Solon and his men surrounded the house and arrested a woman and her nephew and niece.

Solon’s men recovered three large sachets of shabu worth P500,000, several empty sachets ready for repacking and drug paraphernalia.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen. You all deserve formal commendations and, if possible, even spot promotions for the feat. (DZT)

* * * *

SS firms up his thinking that the tampering of the transparency servers and hash tags of votes transmitting machines was perpetrated not only on those transmitted to PPCRV’s Quick Count Center, but possibly, too, undetected, on  the machines that electronically transmitted results to the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC).

That probably accounts for the same trending pattern established by the unofficial PPCRV count soon after the illegal switching was perpetrated by Smartmatic and Comelec experts.

Accordingly, Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo has taken an early lead over her rival, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., on the first day of official canvassing of votes in Congress, with 26 out of 165 Certificates of Canvass opened.

As of 6:45 p.m., Robredo has garnered 1,574,374 votes, 321,097 more than Marcos’ 1,253,277.

Robredo scored a huge win in Cebu province, home to 2.7 million registered voters, with 162,509 votes. Marcos, on the other hand, got 92,007 votes.

Cebu, Leno? No telling now really. SS just missed recording an item in TMT wherein Marcos lawyers questioned the validity the certificate of canvassed results submitted to the NBOC. Sorry, so sorry. The item could have given us a better  vantage point on what is happening at the NBOC.

* * * * *

The automated Election System (AES) implemented by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) was vulnerable to cheating!

So, charged Neilson Celis, writing for TMT, saying Comelec never ever professed that the AES implemented in the past three National and Local Elections had been compliant with all the provisions of the AES law or RA 9369. The truth is, Comelec has never complied with the said law. Thus his accusation. The (AES) implemented by (Comelec) was vulnerable to cheating!

He went on, “It’s very clear in the AES Law that the automated polls should be certified by the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) three months before the elections. When did the TEC release their certification? That was done two days after AES Watch had a news briefing on April 28 pronouncing