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Saturday, 28 May 2016 14:12

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Thus far, several named cabinet appointees of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte are acknowledged able and capable to carry out their functions.

To SS, among them, one of the standouts is Manny Piñol, former vice governor of North Cotabato, farmer and a boxing sportsman.

He was among the most vocal oppositionists to the MOA AD penned by then President Fidel Ramos and the MNLF.

Piñol even went to join then Mayor Celso Lobregat in aattending the historic hearing of the city’s opposition to the aagreement in the sala of the Supreme Court (SC).

Not contented, he came to Zamboanga days after to meet with Lobregat on the issue.

When here, he was accosted on a hotel table by mediamen and was interviewed about the Supreme Court poceedings in Manila.

Among those with Piñol was this Sniper, who still vividly remembers his comments. He was all praises for Zamboangueño Lobregat, as he exuded humility.

Piñol professed, “I envy your Mayor. He was given the chance to speak before the highest magistrates of the land. Lobregat shone. You have a gem in your hand. Don’t lose him.”

That is Piñol, for us. Modest, straighforward, humble.

SS salutes the entry of Piñol into the working cabinet of Duterte.

* * * *

There are divergent views on the Duterte tirades versus the Catholic Church.

It appears, Kit Tatad describes Duterte as acting unstatesmanly as he blurted out, the newspaper photo showing an angry  incoming president “threatening to bring down the Church by exposing churchmen who had allegedly had secret affairs with women.” He added, it was an unseemly over-reaction by a popular candidate who had every reason to celebrate what had happened to him.

And he further sided with the Church leadership that, he said, has shown commendable maturity and restraint in not reacting to the verbal assault, with the Church hierearchy saying nothing.

Accoringly, the CBCP’s official silence in the face of the Duterte blast was more eloquent than speech. They seemed to be saying, “Father, forgive our presumptive President-elect, for he needs to be enlightened.”

Tatad even cited historical data – “Many have tried to tear down the Church and failed. This has been its history for the past 2,000 years. The Roman emperors, from Nero to Deoclitian, carried out the most extensive persecution of Christians, feeding them to the lions at the arena and driving them to live inside the catacombs. Instead of extinguishing the Church, they nourished its growth with the blood of martyrs. It was finally a Christian emperor, Constantine, who ended the persecution with the Edict of Milan in 313 AD.”

But no, not to neighbor columnist, Rigoberto Tiglao, writing by Tatad’s side.

Tiglao writes, “It’s about time that somebody of national stature had the balls to criticize the Catholic Church, as President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has done.”

Tiglao, who vehemently criticized Duterte in his columns before the elections, explaining he not only disagrees with but detested Duterte’s declared disregard for human life, even if such life is that of a suspected criminal.

Guess it was only three days ago that SS openly spoke in agreement to Duterte’s killing stance, when also in the past, this corner wrote very few good lines of him. In agreeing that time with Duterte, SS even cited a biblical verse supplied by Monggueh Genghis Gan, “The Conqueror”  – Genesis: 9,6.

Tigalo went on, “But I support him totally in his criticisms of the Catholic Church, that it has been one of the most hypocritical institutions in the country.

To that, SS sides with Tatad. Duterte may feel bad about the Church. But, as in the words of street parliamentarian, Sen. Dodong Cabanlit,”He may disagree, but he should not be disagreeable.”

Duterte will be the highest official in the land. And a president must be a statesman. His “canto boy image” shed off. Not ony Davao and the entire Philippines are watching him. The whole world is.

* * * * *

A big boo please for lameduck President BS Aquino, III. Having recently vetoed the much-awaited two thousand peso accross-the-board increase in pensions for retirees, this news item in TMT, now blares:

“MIDNIGHT perks” amounting to P500,000 a month in monthly wage increase and additional benefits are expected to be received by top executives of the Social Security System (SSS) before President Benigno Aquino 3rd (b) vows out of office on June 30, according to the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP)-Nagkakaisa, the country’s biggest confederation of labor groups.”

In any parlance, as amplified by the TUCP, through spokesman Alan Tanjusay, the move is “immoral, unjust and indecent” because it would in effect deprive some 1,000 SSS rank-and-file of any salary increase.

Tanjusay disclosed that once the the SSS-proposed Compensation and Position Classification System (CPCS) is implemented, SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros would be receiving P800,000 in monthly wage.

And the retirees, from which these honchos, aka “chonggos” get part of their perks are deprived of the much-needed mimimal increase shot-in-the arm

Boooooo ..!

* * * * *

Due to lack of writing space, just some brief lines on another plan of President-in-waiting DU30, who has expressed readiness to go to Sulu and talk peace with MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari.

Then President Cory Aquino did just that sometime in 1986, weeks after she assumed as president.

Nothing big happened. The rebellion went on.

Upon her return, she called for a Mindanao Leaders Forum in Manila, where SS was one of the invited participants. The only question posed to the attendees was, “How do you describe Pres. Aquino’s going to Sulu?

Then and there, then incumbent commander of the Southern Command, Maj.Gen. Tapia answered, “From where I come, that is a sign of surrender.”

A point to ponder. More on this tomorrow.