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Sunday, 29 May 2016 14:54

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Hello, world. If only for consistency and the pining for it — overcoming time constraints — SS still comes out today if only for some scanty lines, even without first doing some research routines. Today is the wedding day of a son of one of our tenants in far-off Latuan.

He is Norman Ignacio. It happens this young man stayed with the family straight from the elementary grades up to his technical education days in college, until he turned to be a very proficient auto mechanic in both gasoline and diesel-fed engines.

One other person who helped nurture his skills in the automotive field is Gilbert Ledesma of Sinunuc, with whom Norman was assigned for his on-the-job training (OJT) duties, later landing employment with the same automotive repair shop.

Yesterday, from nowhere a grandchild told me, “Proud gat tu, Pops cun Norman?” (You must be proud of Norman) It never to me such thing will pop out from the lips of a young child. After a few seconds of pondering, SS readily replied, “Siempre.” (Of course.)

And who would not. From an innocent  farm boy now gainfully employed in the Motor Pool of the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) and getting married to a school teacher, Amee Fernandez of Pasonanca. he has gone a long way hurdling all obstacles early in life.

And once in a while these days, he reaches out to my wife — in spite of vehement opposition — no matter how minimal, hands over a sum of money to her, saying for the goodness the Cabato family showed him.

Without yet any plans then for Boday to gun for a seat in the city council, Norman had long time ago requested Boday to stand as Ninong in his wedding. That day is today.

Almost  like a brother to my children, the Cabato family wishes the couple all the best in life. Congratulations and best wishes.

* * * *

Was it for real? The Leni Robredo victory, SS wonders aloud. From all indications, it could have been VCMs (Vote Counting Machines)-generated.

Born of PCOS, VCM is the Vote Cheating Machine.

Voting trend in the Visayas area showed Sen. Bongbong with very very poor ratings, and the justification is that Mar Roxas carried her to victory. Really?

If true, Roxas himself would have won, too.

Food for thought, folks.

And if the SS scenario is true, then the same switching illegality, admitted publicly, perpetrated jointly by Smartmatic and Comelec computer experts on 10th May did the trick.

See? They did it in the PPC RFV’s Operation Quick Count, it is then not far-fetched, the same unlawful tactic was used on the official vote-transmitting machines.

* * * *

Thanks to friend Lino Santos for the insights he shared in reaction to our edition yesterday. There is no need now to make any research work, especfially so for the time constraints cited earlier.

It was in 1986, he said, that the Cory-Nur meeting transpired. No questions there.

If memory serves SS right, Cory Aquino was president from 1986 to 1992. And our writeup yesterday spoke of a 1992 Mindanao Leaders Forum, where SS quoted then SOUTHCOM Commander Maj. Den Tapia, as the Cory trip to Jolo was a sign of surrender. The only wrong word used in SS’s piece yesterday was “upon her return” from the Misuari meeting in Jolo. It should have been “after”, for the forum was held some six years later.

SS stands corrected.

And very likely, the forum was Cory’s exit performance.