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Thursday, 28 October 2010 15:41

The voters turned out early last Monday wanting to fall in line first and eager to cast their ballot. Barangay elections aren’t supposed to be as exciting as local or national elections. In Zamboanga, however, the barrio people wanted change in certain areas. Their voices were heard – resoundingly. Those who were seen as runaway victors were clobbered, just like Manny Pacquiao trounced all his last seven opponents. In some areas, money played a big factor. I need not mention where, but some barrio bigwigs used the medium of exchange willfully to their advantage. And, so, the old cliché’ goes: those who have the gold, win. Those without, lose. Rich man, poor man. The lesson that many stubborn politicians have not learned is: if you don’t have money, don’t run. Names, no matter how sweet they are, won’t get you elected anymore. Gone are the days of Cesar C. Climaco. “Pansit y pan de sal lang, puede ya.”

As for Mayor Celso L. Lobregat, the elections went well. No election violence, no cheating. No matter who won, the development in the barangays will continue, for the city government stays committed and firm in developing the countryside, for this has always been the political battlecry of the Mayor Lobregat and the political parties that he leads – LDP and AZaP. And if some councilors only look toward development instead of injecting opposition and criticism at everything that City Hall does, smooth will be our course to greatness. Isn’t development (and more of it) what they promised on the platform when they presented themselves to the people?
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From the barangays, we go now to Arlington, Texas, USofA where Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito (not the Dallas Cowboys) are heading for their mega super welterweight fight. That’s happening on Nov. 13 (Nov. 14 here). Bob Arum has pushed the panic button, saying that Pacquiao isn’t in his best shape and may lose the fight. Pacquiao lacks training, harps Arum. His hooks aren’t as sharp as they used to be and his punching power is gone – for the moment.

Stop talking like it’s the end of the world for Pacquiao, Bob. There are other ways of selling the fight. The Latinos, Filipinos and Americans will see the fight whether or not Pacquiao, as Arum claims, is in tip-top shape. Just sell the fight, Bob. Don’t tell the world how sloppy and slow Pacquiao has become. He will be ready when the bell rings.

If Margarito is lucky not to be hit by Pacquiao’s cracking left hook in the chin in the early rounds, he’ll survive the fight. Margarito has shown in past fights that he can carry and take a punch. He went down only once – to Shane Mosley. His jaw is bronze-like. Pacquiao has not proven that he can take a punch because he has not been hit hard by any of his opponents. His chin has not been tested. If Margarito succeeds in landing his bombs on Pacquiao’s face and ribs (that’s what he’s going to do), he stands a chance of winning. Otherwise, it will be Pacquiao all the way.

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