The water, the island, and the food PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 14:10


BYRodolfo Jerome Lacusong

I boarded a ship bound for Odiongan Port in Romblon.

The family I stayed with showed lots of hospitality with welcoming hearts, which is truly a Filipino tradition. They oriented me on places to go and food to eat.

The newly caught fish were so fresh. Even snails and crabs were there to fill our craving stomach every lunch time. I really enjoyed all the food they were preparing.

In one of my solo ventures I took the wrong jeepney. Festively enjoying the beauty of the long road winding through blue waters and green lushy trees, I decided to explore the place.  And, of course, eating was part of the exploration. The local cuisines were so enticing that when you would end up with a “clean plate” you would be wishing  for more. I was satisfied.

Well, I was successfully able to find my way back to the place where I was staying. Although, I texted the family to tell them I was all right, they were still worrying about my safety. I assured them that I was fine and enjoying their beautiful island and all the good food.

The night before my departure back to Manila, I was confronted by my friend and asked if I would like to meet a local quack doctor. It is their tradition that if someone has stayed  for a week, they need to be checked because they might have eaten something that would eventually hurt them or make them sick.

I felt the love and concern of my friend and his family, but I am always alert not to just follow what others think is a “necessary belief” and stood firm in the conviction that through understanding God’s goodness I would not need to be hurt or bring something that wasn’t good into my experience.

This was my response: “I love the way your family accepted me. The genuine smile of those whom I informally met and chatted. I don’t think that these expressions of love could hurt me or other visitors to this beautiful island. I am fine and thank you for your loving concern.”

I also shared with him that in all  my travels I have found it necessary to express Love (another name for God) in my own thinking, in dealing with different communities and in respecting their cultures and beliefs.

He respected my decision. He was glad to hear that I enjoyed all aspects of my stay there. His family even asked me to come back and told me I was welcome any time.

I would be happy to do that some time! I went home to Manila filled with lots of great memories -  from the sweet wave of the water, to the great service of the ship’s crew to  the festive food of the Tublas Island.

And there was healing of all sorts, too. Truly, “The time for thinkers has come.” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy).

Time to think that love alone governs in all the places we go to.

Time to think how the food we eat and the persons we meet will not hurt us.

Time to  think that God’s divine protection is always with us.

Have a great spiritual journey ahead! —  Rodolfo Jerome Lacusong is a Christian Science Practitioner.  Do you have comments, inquiries or suggestions on this article? Please  e- mail him at