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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 14:12



Los Angeles, CA. — There’s nothing like a fun-filled, relaxing, forget-everything three-day Mexican cruise aboard the “Carnival Inspiration” to the quaint city of Enselada, Mexico (I mispelled it the last time). Let me tell you about the tourist ship first. We left the port of Long Beach on a chilly Friday afternoon. Karin, our steward, greeted us with a wide smile as he pointed to us the functions of our cabin that included a shower room, toilet and a queen-sized bed.

Dinner time is gastronomic, as you down all the food you desire, from Mexican, Western, Asian and European to go with either pink lemonade or iced tea or simply water. As you sail away, you can listen, as I did, to solo guitar sounds, mostly country, or high seas karaoke, go dancing through the decades with “The Rocking Dead” band with jazz and Motown beats. Or, with a wine glass, you can sing-along at the piano bar.

Bored with food and music? You can try your luck in the casino where I got some of my money back. For the kids, an arcade will keep them busy with fun games, prize games and cranes. In the evenings, you can either watch a comedy show or an adult show with the Punchliner Comedy Club hosted by Jason Andors and Eric Schwartz that will blow your brains out laughing for an hour.

For the big spenders, a duty-free shop await them for designer fragrances. Or, you can check out carnival collections for pillows, mattresses and robes. Oh, yes, burgers and pizzas are served for free 24 hours.

Ensenada is a lazy, quiet city near the American border. The city derives its income from agriculture and tourism. They say that for $1,000 a month, you can live decently in this Mexican city that has a population of 550,000 Chicanos and foreigners combined. The city has one main highway that will take you all the way from the city proper to the mountains for preferred adventures.

With only eight hours ashore, you’ve got to move your butt and head for this city’s main attraction — the “La Bufadora Adventure” — a natural spout that shoots sea water high in the air, the cold water sprinkling in you face. The Baja Bandidos horse back trail will take you to the Salsipueded Bay, Todos Santos islands and the Gold Coast.

They have a “greenhills” here where Mexicans sell everything from ponchos, sombreros, figurines, camizetas, zapatos, Tequila, cigarillos, jars, silver jewelries to Mexican food like grilled oysters with shrimps, burritos, beef tacos served with chili sauce and guacamole.

If you’re a Tequila loco, you can visit the different wineries to discover/taste how this Mexican moonshine is brewed. (I got three Tequila botelyas para los locos in L.A.)

A little of history: Ensenada was under the rule of Spain until 1822, the year after Mexico gained its independence. In 1887, the peninsula was divided into two federal districts. The first capital of northern Baja California was Ensenada. The district was re-zoned as a federal territory in 1931 and became a state in 1952. The name was changed to Baja California Norte.

Ensenada was our fourth Mexican city that we’ve toured. Titong San Juan and I have plans to take a swing at Tijuana this year for more Tequilas.

Vamos muchachos!