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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 13:56

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Please take note. Seems like — for the Writing Sniper (WS for short, is what this corner will refer to contributor as, effective today) — to be able to attend more to some other responsibilities and chores, will have to contend with shorter pieces of articles, unless time permits.

* * * * *

The long-drawn silent drama in Baliwasan (Bali for short) of a distraught teener of about 15 years old ends with glee, after the Bali VAWC (Violence Against Women and Child) stepped in  to intervene upon discovering the episode. He is Lito “Buddy” Alawi of Sinunuc, born of Musahaya, a laundrywoman and Joel, push cart scavenger.

For some two years now, this boy who had complained of lack of care at home, went missing. He was found a few days back idling in a corner, beside JS Headquarter Net Café in Johnston Subdivision.    The cafe owner, Juhan Tungopon and at times handlers, Junrey Ledesma, Pj Ebol, Clyde Superio, and Carey Gabriel Casanes, pitched in to feed the vagrant.

But when this teener got sick, it was indeed too much the good Samaritans to handle the matter themselves, and the handlers turned to Bali Barangay Captain Boday Cabato, who tasked VAWC Office In-charge, Sheng Uro, wife of nephew Kagawad Edson to attend to the case. Taking the cue from Boday, Sheng led a team of Tanods and proceeded to the area. Indeed, the itinerant kid was sick. So, he was immediately ferried to the hospital. There, he was treated, and the handlers again pitched in to pay the hospital costs, with Boday sharing some medicines.

Things settled, Sheng spun to the facebook, issued a call for parents to take over from where they left.

Gladly, too, Sinunuc barangay kagawads took note of the matter and personally sought out the parents. Sheng remembers only one name among the kagawads – Albes Maruju. Though, WS knows active kagawads, former chairman Jan, Ben dela Cruz and “Bohlo” Bello and Romy Praico must have joined in also.

The Alawi family are now re-united. Thanks to the Good Samaritans led by cafe owner Juhan and the wolnders of fb.

Skipping Boday, kudos, too, to VAWC in-charge Sheng Uro and the Sinunuc kagawads.

May your tribes increase.

* * * * *

TMT’s Yen Makabenta charges, “Cheating in the May 9 elections was massive and nearly unstoppable; it involved two major operations: one electronic (the rigging of the automated Comelec vote count); and the other manual (the outright doctoring by hand of the ballots and the certificates of canvass).”

The chief beneficiaries of the vote rigging were:

1. Leni Robredo, who was enabled to beat Bongbong Marcos in the vice-presidential contest;

2. Franklin Drilon, who was catapulted to No. 1 in the senatorial race in order to surpass Joel Villanueva, the surprise pacesetter in the early count.

3. Mar Roxas, who was elevated to second place in the presidential race.

The biggest victim of the cheating was Bongbong Marcos, who some say would have won the vice-presidential race by 3 million votes without the cheating.

The combination of electronic and manual fraud could have overcome also Mayor Duterte’s formidable vote margin, had the manipulators pursued the plan to its conclusion. But the chief architect of the cheating, President Benigno BS Aquino, chickened out.”

And most likely, he feared the repercussions of massive street protests. Such a revelation.

* * * * *

There’s no stopping there, yet. A ranking government official who is a member of the Liberal Party (LP) was reported to be behind the vote-shaving and vote-padding operations in Quezon province that allegedly benefited Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and Rep. Leni Robredo, whistleblowers said on Monday.

The three men who claimed to have taken part in the supposedly electronic poll cheating showed up at the Senate accompanied by civil society group Council on Philippine Affairs (Copa) head Pastor Boy Saycon.

In a news conference, the men, whose faces were covered, revealed that they helped manipulate election results to increase votes received by Roxas, Robredo and LP senatorial, bets including Senate President Franklin Drilon.

The men said they received orders to manipulate the election results from a ranking official of the government whom they refused to identify.

Accordingly, they decided to come out because they were able to witness directly and were used as instruments in this incident.

That further, they were instructed to change the votes garnered by the candidates based on the directions given to us, then transmit the new figures to the Smartmatic machines at the second and third floor of the building which will then transmit (the new figures) to the various servers. (TM-fed)

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the camp of Senator Ferdinand Marcos  Jr. said that they will continue to search for the truth over the results of the May 9 elections and blamed President Benigno Aquino III for the cheating in Mindanao that was attested to by witnesses.

Jonathan Dela Cruz, a Marcos spokesman, said Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, who was declared winner of the election on Friday by a margin of 263,473 votes, may even resign if she finds out what really happened.

That is, if she really is that clean, as she portrays self.

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