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Saturday, 04 June 2016 11:51

Sound Sniping

BY Jimmy Cabato

Strange. Have the wounds of political infighting between and among the top two party heads and their followers political silence, local level this city healed? There has been a noticed lull from both camps. Both have publicly made statements reconciliatory moves, but neither head has reached out to one and the other.

Is the proberbial hatchet now buried or ready to sink into the back of each other?

Thinking out loud…

* * * * *

On the national level, there is such move. While to remain with the Liberal Party (LP) Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed full support to the incoming administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo, calling on all sectors in the city to remain united in the spirit of recovery and reconstruction.

Writing Sniper (WS) entertains doubts of its practicability, for there are times when matters involving stands on political issues prop up. Thus, with entrusted full support to the national administration- tendency is — the president will expect continued alliance.

Whatever, that’s truly a no-issue here. WS is more concerned on local cooperation if the executive and legislative representations continue to clash.

Question, what about on the local scene, Madam? Is there true meaning to your word of reconciliation?

That, too, goes for our good congressman?

* * * * *

Here is a much welcome remark. PhilStar reports, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he would grant the P2,000 increase in the pension of retired Social Security System (SSS) members that President BS Aquino brutally vetoed last January.

“Yes, I will give the P2,000 to the pensioners,” Duterte pronounced in a press briefing in Davao.

Duterte even said, he does not need congressional action to give the proposed P2,000 increase in the monthly pension of SSS retirees.

He sympathized with pensioners, who he noted, as aside from providing for their sustenance, have to grapple with the high cost of medicine for their ailments, including hypertension and diabetes.

Besides, he said the retirees have worked hard for their monthly contributions, so it is fitting for them to enjoy their pensions.

* * * * *

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is now in confinement at the Intensive Care Unit of Makati Medical Center, to where she was rushed due to pneumonia, a complication of her lung cancer.

This announced by her husband Narciso “Jun” Santiago on Wednesday.

A press statement released by her office said Santiago, who is battling stage-four lung cancer, was confined in a private room three days ago but was transferred to the ICU on Tuesday.

While she is now in a stable condition, still she is not allowed to receive visitors. Santiago will also not accept flowers.

* * * * *

TMT reports, incoming President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte on Tuesday described China’s Xi Jinping as “a great President,” in another hint that frosty relations between the Asian neighbors could soon warm.

Duterte heaped the praise on Xi in a news conference in response to questions about a message the Chinese President sent to congratulate him on winning this month’s Philippine elections.

Ugh, oh, SS wonders. how well would that now sit with Uncle Sam, whose letter with similar contents. SS does not refer to smoothening of relations. That is beside the point.    What SS is concerned is on the manner Duterte reacted to the diplomatic nor of the US, simply saying it was “A letter of hello.”

To Chinese letter he said, “I was honored, receiving a congratulatory message from a great President, uh Prime Minister,”

My, that’s a sharp spin to the much-earlier sent US message. And think of this, “The Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday that Xi wrote to Duterte after his victory, a standard diplomatic tradition for heads of state.”

In reference to a Duterte statement, re-quoted in party here - “... message from a great President, uh Prime Minister,” TMT said, “... the long-time mayor of the southern city of Davao, who has been criticized for lacking foreign policy experience, appeared unsure of Xi’s title.”

Smack of adding insult to injury, Duterte also said he would not be fully reliant on the United States, the Philippines’ former colonial ruler and most important military ally.

“We will be chartering a course of our own. It will not be dependent on America, and it will be a line not intended to please anybody but the Filipino interest,” he added.

* * * * *

Broadway star Lea Salonga goes to the defense of Sarah Geronimo, who fans called as Popsters continued spewing negative comments on “The Voice Kids Philippines”, a singing contest TV show.

WS is really not in the know as to why Sarah became the object of criticisms, but based on Lea’s call it could probably be her departure from the show.

Lea said, “To the Popsters, it was Sarah that wanted to take a break. Please support her decision and don’t send negative vibes to ?#?TVK?. Thanks,” she tweeted.

Not in the know really, but having viewed the show a couple of times, WS shares this feeling. It could Sarah’s noticed attitude in reacting to several performance contestants.

Very evidently, unlike “coaching-judges” such as Lea herself and Bamboo, who outwardly display appreciation, of the singing prowess of the contestants - even jumping from their seats, singing along with them, and swaying to the rhythm of their songs with all smiles - but sorry to say it, Sarah shows different. Hers is demonstratively negative. And that could be the bone of contention.

Just a though from a viewer.

* * * * *

The National Democratic Front (NDF), a derivative of the Communist Party of the Philippines, with the New People’s Army as their armed strength, snatched at least two powerful cabinet posts in the Duterte administration, less two of what was promised.

In response, (NDF) spokesperson Fidel Agcaoili mused, four would have been great but two is okay.

Agcaoili on Wednesday hailed the appointment by President-elect Rodrigo Duterte of what termed alternately two progressives and ’Lefts” to his Cabinet.

On Tuesday, Duterte named former Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano as his Agrarian Reform Secretary and University of the Philippines professor Judy Taguiwalo as head of theDepartment? of Social Welfare and Development.

* * * * *

Pres. BS Aquino watch out. Incoming Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano is eyeing your family’s Luisita Farm as DAR’s maiden battle.

Mariano announced a review of the implementation of what he said was a “sham” agrarian reform program in a sugarcane estate owned by the family of outgoing President Aquino as among his priorities as head of the agrarian reform department.

Mariano, also leader of the militant farmers’ group Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), said under his watch as head of DAR, “no farmer will be displaced.”

The Supreme Court ruled with finality in 2012 to strike down the stock distribution program implemented by the President’s mother, the late president Corazon Aquino, in lieu of land distribution.

And such decision is said to have the chief cause for the impeachment of the now deceased CJ Renato Corona.

The government last year started distributing about 4,100 hectares of the plantation to the workers to comply with the Supreme Court’s order, but that the implementation was a sham.