Is1-APLUMA!: No-substance SONA expected PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 July 2011 14:04

With what his deputy aide said on air, President Noy’s second State of the Nation Address would likely be short, simple, no frills and sad to say, maybe short in substance. 

Nevertheless, Manolo Quezon says the President will deliver the country’s future directions “in bold strokes” adding that “all the other technical details will be separate and (will be) given to Congress.

“After a year in office, he (Noynoy) will report on where we should, and will be going. He has enough confidence now, based on what he has seen so far,” the communications aide said.

Quezon is an undersecretary in one of the three communications group in Malacanang.
For “Mang Pandoy,” however, it seems the Chief Executive has a dearth in substantial material to report on, on what he had done after a year in office other than the extermination on the use of high decibel nay, irksome, “wang wang.”  

Mang Pandoy added it (2nd SONA) might be another round of promises that the President will be making.
Previously Noynoy’s maiden Sona relatively dealt on their findings of various documents about GMA’s previous administration, and what was left in the country’s budget.
That set the tone of his governance and lo and behold, the noose is seemingly tightening now on GMA’s neck along with her subordinates in the administration before, most especially her political adviser before in former Surigao Representative Butch Pichay.

With it too, GMA made a turn-around. She’ll no longer attend P-Noy’s SONA. Period.
Facing charges of funds misuse, Pichay has already been stripped of his “national water boy” duty at LWUA.
And, above all, it was alleged that he’s been barred for life to hold any government office although, a close relative whose also serving public office, averred that things will get better along the line and that it’s “weather, weather” thing.

For sure, things like this will go into Noynoy’s speech draft knowing the mindset of his handlers.
In his maiden speech last year, P-Noy claimed the Arroyo government left the government with just P100 billion to work on.
It turned out to be totally false, grossly inaccurate, and it showed P-Noys bright boys and girls are not doing their homework heartily.
Am just wondering on how many more SONA’s do I need to hear, see, feel, and finally experience its positive effects around us.
Well, I heard someone say: P-Noy has five more years to TRY. —