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Sunday, 05 June 2016 14:24



“Young man, I tell you, arise!’ The dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother. Fear seized them all, and they glorified God…” (Lk 7,14-16)

Yes, my dear, there’s always hope even in our worst condition. If Christ can resurrect the dead, the worst condition that we can find ourselves in, what else can he not do to save us?

Even if we are rotten to the core in terms of our speech and  behavior, there is always hope. And so we just have to be patient which does not mean that we do nothing. We have a lot to do, because God’s grace and mercy would have no effect if we are not receptive to them by at least making an effort to correspond to his will.

We need to foster this hope as we go through changing circumstances brought about by all sorts of developments, social, political, economic, technological, etcetera. We need to foster this hope as we face new things that can be mysterious to us, especially at the beginning.

Our hope should be properly based. We cannot simply root them on our human powers alone and the many other resources provided by nature. They are never enough to tackle with what we have to tackle, since we have to contend not only with material and natural goals and challenges, but also spiritual and supernatural ones.

A hope based on God surely delivers, though it can have God’s ways of delivering that are mysterious and therefore puzzling. Just the same, we just have to learn to flow with God’s ways.

Thus, a certain amount of detachment and abandonment is needed here. We cannot be sure of everything. But with that hope based on God, even in our mistakes and failures, we would be brought to where we should be, and that is, with him and our eternal destination, beyond whatever mundane and temporal fate we may have here.

Remember St. Paul’s words: “All things work together for the good for those who love God.” (Rom 8,28)  Of course, loving God presumes hope, for without hope we cannot love God truly.

And so, let’s not be unduly entangled with earthly things. Yes, it’s true that we have to be immersed in our temporal affairs, for after all, they are also the means and occasions that would somehow determine our eternal destiny. But they themselves are not what would bring about our eternal destiny. It’s God’s grace whose mysterious ways we just have to learn to correspond as best as we could.

Our correspondence to God’s grace may have all sorts of defects and imperfections, but as long as it’s done with good faith, with our best efforts that can always be better, with eagerness to say sorry and to make up when we commit mistakes, I suppose God, being a very good father to all of us, will understand and pick us up where we fall or where we are found wanting.

There’s no point belaboring our failures and defects. God’s mercy will take care of everything as long as we at least are open to God’s mercy. We need to work on our conviction that we are children of God so that we do not fall into unnecessary fears and doubts as to how our earthly affairs and our life itself would go.

Fail or succeed, they will always be for the good.

So let’s stop engaging in childish catfights over our differences in opinions, beliefs, character and temperament. We would be wasting time, effort and many other resources that way, though, I am sure, that if God allows them to happen, it must be because there’s a greater good that can be derived from them. This is part of hope. But let’s not tempt God. What we can avoid, we avoid.

So, as to the D30 presidency, let’s just hope and help him in whatever way we can so he can be a good leader, very human, Christian, competent, honest, respectful of the rule of law, etc. Let’s hope that he overcomes his being onion-skinned and is open to clarifications, reminders, even corrections, especially in his speech and demeanor. This trait is never a sign of weakness, but rather of strength of character.

He has many good qualities, even much more excellent compared to what we have seen in other leaders. In many respects, he is very endearing especially to the simple folks. But let’s not be blind to his weaknesses, nor consider them as unimportant or irrelevant. Our help should be total!