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Monday, 06 June 2016 13:58

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato


Today’s piece somehow started grinding too late in the day. Writing Sniper (WS) is now in Dipolog in the company of son Boday, who is fielding selected Baliboys in the annual Saulug Football Tournament. So, SS will rerlatively be brief today.

Expectations of the all-Baliwasan two teams are  dejectedly going dire. We are sorry for that. And we perfectly accept it. The ball is round, so goes the adage. Of the two competing teams only one is left in contention at playing time.

You’ll hear about this tomorrow. In any case, the spirit though of the Baliboys remains high. Barangay Captain Boday Cabato is going all-out in taking good care of them.    Good luck, boys.

* * * *

The United States and other nations, through US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned Saturday, Chinese construction on a West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) islet claimed by the Philippines will prompt “actions being taken” from them.

Speaking at a security summit in Singapore, Carter said Beijing risks building a “Great Wall of self-isolation” with its military expansion in the contested waters, but he also proposed stronger bilateral security cooperation to reduce the risks of a mishap.

“I hope that this development doesn’t occur because it will result in actions being taken both by the United States, and actions being taken by others in the region that will have the effect of not only increasing tensions but isolating China,” Carter said when asked about Scarborough Shoal in a forum also attended by senior Chinese military officials.

Rear Admiral Guan Youfei, who heads the Chinese office of international military cooperation, quickly attacked the Pentagon chief’s remarks, telling journalists they reflected a “Cold War mentality.” (TMT-fed)

* * * * *

Notwithstanding the clear violations of the automated election law and widespread fear of massive electoral fraud, the May 9 presidential polls reported an incredible turnout of 81 percent, and gave PDP presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte a roaring landslide, which President B.S. Aquino 3rd and the other presidential candidates will be hard put to challenge, even if they should want to.

So says, Kit Tatad writing for TMT. But, he continued,  “They obviously do not want to. Contrary to our earlier fears that none of the losing presidential candidates would recognize the winner, none of them have questioned the apparent landslide of Mayor Duterte. Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, whose doubtful natural-born Filipino citizenship has sown doubts and confusion upon the entire presidential poll process, was the first to concede defeat after Duterte posted 14.4 million votes out of 41 million votes reportedly cast and 37 million counted.”

So did Mar Roxas, he said, on Tuesday afternoon, after the unofficial quick count gave Duterte 15,245,930 votes, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas 9,183,938 votes, and Mrs. Llamanzares 8,542,159 votes.

And further trouble could be brewing in the vice-presidential race, as losing bet, Sen. Bongbong is far from surrendering his fight.

To buttress this point, are the most revealing charges made by the independent Philippine Pastoral  Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) that there was massive cheating in the last elections.

* * * * *

Freddie Roach is still not sitting well to contentions that Manny Pacquiao is done with boxing. Roach, Pacquiao’s longtime trainer recently told Radio Rahim that he wants his prized ward - now a Philippine senator - to have another crack at Floyd Mayweather Jr., who he said is a good fighter. That he would like Manny to fight him again.

Apparently, the ghost of  Pacquiao’s loss to Mayweather in boxing’s richest fight ever obviously still haunts Roach, who believes that the outcome could have been different had the Filipino icon been injury-free. Pacquiao fought Mayweather with a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, something Roach insists was the culprit in the setback.

The General Santos City-based Filipino boxing icon has since bounced back with an impressive win over Timothy Bradley last April, but he announced his retirement afterwards to focus on politics.

Roach, for his part, is only interested in one fight. “I would love to get that fight one more time with Mayweather, with Manny healthy,” he said.