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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 14:00

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato


It is such a pity, space constraints limit SS from touching on all newsworthy items found in all the local and national newspapers.

In any case, we will try touching briefly on most of the items surfed on the net daily.

For a starter, as promised, the participation of the two all-Baliwasan football teams that incumbent Barangay Chief and Councilor-elect Boday took to compete in the annual Mindanao-wide Saulog Football Championship in Dipolog City.

As earlier dreaded, the two teams - in spite of dedicated efforts – took a nose dive blowing away chances to snatch the championship from the admittedly better trained and brusque rivals.

But the boys showed power and courage like true Baliwaseños.

But Boday still stands proud of them and is looking forward to other competitions, even motivated – in cooperation with all local football clubs - to conduct of similar tournaments here in time for the celebration of Fiesta Pilar.

His only worry is where to host such an event. In Zamboanga del Norte, there have been two venues where Baliwasan has participated in. And in both venues there, six football goals can be established at one time. In any case though, the desire remains. Let’s hope for the best.

* * * * *

About 5 million Filipino Muslims, or 5 percent of the country’s population, started observing the holy month of Ramadan Monday, although clerics failed to see the moon on Sunday.

The Regional Darul Ifta’ in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RDI-ARMM) declared the start of Ramadan based on the sighting of the moon in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

To our Muslim brothers and sisters, SS joins ARMM’s Grand Mufti Abulkhair Tarason in saying, may God, by whatever name He is called - who in this Muslim observance - is the Almighty Allah, help them (us) in fasting, accept their (our) good deeds, and pray for Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him, his kinsfolk and those who follow him - until the hereafter.

* * * * *

Bob Jaldon, who flew back in from the States yesterday and joined in today’s Monggueh Cabinet morning session has good insights on local politics and the supposed close media allies of the incoming President-elect.

Knowing that he grinds an opinion column whenever here, WS leaves the privilege of sharing those acumens to him.

From the Cabinet, welcome back, Emmanuel.

* * * * *

It’s good to note that there is still one top local official who is in good terms with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte - District 1 re-elected Congressman Celso L. Lobregat, who with previous presidents was not known to be close - is reported that Duterte has welcomed Lobregat in the former’s Malacañang of the South. In said meeting, the duo was said to have discussed various issues, including the new composition of the 17th Congress during a one-on-one meeting that lasted for one hour

Lobregat expressed joy that with so many other officials wanting to see the President-elect, he was immediately granted that privilege in such so short a notice.

That’s good news for Zamboanga City, knowing that our Mayor, through Duterte’s news bureau, has supposedly displeased Duterte.

* * * * *

Announced to be Palace Communications Secretary, Martin Andanar on Monday vowed to establish stronger rapport between incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and the media, some members of which became the subject of ridicule by the President-elect.

He said his plans include the publication of government tabloids and the holding of a weekly press conference with Duterte similar to what he has been doing in Davao City.

Eyebrows, however were immediately raised, when no sooner said than done, Duterte came out  breathing fire and declared, he will not grant any interviews to the media during his six-year term as president.

With that stinging pronouncement, a question surfaces - Will Andanar succeed in his desire?

WS says, YES! That Andanar spirit, despite of Duterte’s biting tongue, is doable

If someone disagrees, take a load of this piece written a few days ago on SS.

“Well, lookie here. What SS has always been hoping for may still (be. Sorry this typographical error remained unedited then) come. PDI reports, the foul-mouthed, trash-talking, crime-busting mayor and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has promised to metamorphose into a butterfly after he is inaugurated as president on June 30.

Seemingly crazed, Duterte mused saying he enjoys being rude because his days are numbered before he should start acting presidential.

He added, “I’m enjoying my last time as a rude person,” Duterte said.

This, SS further liked, he said his metamorphosis would be from the foul-mouthed mayor to a presidential.

El Presidente, Bravo!”

Repeat, Now - Will Andanar succeed in his desire?

You decide,. Folks.

* * * * *

A P1-billion fund for bounty hunters.

That’s what Duterte said, as he announced, he has enough money unspent during his campaign and he could use it as bounty for the arrest or killing of notorious drug traffickers in the country.

It is estimated that with up to P5 million each for the 200 drug peddlers, it would amount to at least P1 billion.

Duterte has increased the amount of the bounty from P3 million to P5 million for each large-scale drug trafficker and from P1 million to P3 million for those down the line.

For bit players, Duterte has pegged the cash reward at P50,000 each.

Duterte stressed the money he would use came from unspent campaign funds.

He said that at the start of the 90-day campaign last Feb. 9, nobody was giving him money.

“But when I shot up in the survey results, money kept coming,” he said.  (PS-fed)

* * * * *

You  will note, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has come up with so many other promises.

Question. Can he do what he promised to do when he is President?

Answer. He can only do it if Congress enacts laws to allow the implementation of all his plans. Our country is run by laws. The President only executes them.

But on the Bounty thing, WS, says yes, he can! Authorities can always look the other way.

And WS believes, human rights advocates will have a very hard time pinning the President and his men.

* * * * *


There you have it, skipping yet some other worthy stories, this is how briefly as we were able to touch on the meatier items. Here’s hoping Ed Roy allows its uncut version.