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Thursday, 09 June 2016 13:37

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato


Have not checked today’s issue of DZT to determine if Ed Roy did print the seemingly long SS edition yesterday, but WS is optimistic — as a thumbs-up sign appeared on my fb messenger inbox - it did.

Promising briefer lines of each topic, today WS will again adopt the same system.

* * * * *

Kit Tatad also touched on the Duterte promised metamorphosis. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s vow, he said, has relieved some critics of their anxieties and reassured his voters that he has not become a latter-day version of England’s King George III or Ecuador’s President Abdala Jaime Bucaran Ortiz, popularly known as “El Loco,” who was ousted for mental incapacity after only a year in office.

Tatad also quoted Duterte’s words, “I want to enjoy the last days of my rudeness,”, as he promised to behave like a perfect gentleman (“a real president”) once in office. No cuss words, no obscenities, no expletives.

Thu, he concluded, many people eagerly await Mr. Duterte’s “metamorphosis.”

* * * * *

WS is not impressed with skeptics on the very noticeable cheating in the last and previous elections.

It’s not only the camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr that claims of it. The Philippine Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting does. So many commentators and opinion writers do. Let’s give the aggrieved a chance to prove themselves.

This time around, the Marcos camp disclosed that a fourth server of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) was used to manipulate the elections held last month.

According to Abakada Party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, adviser of Marcos, the Comelec and Smartmatic used a secret server to do their “tricks”, and that they can prove the existence of this server once their request for a system audit is granted.

Very sadly, Comelec has turned down the request for the conduct such system audit. It is then safe to say, the rejection by the Comelec for the audit is evidence, they are hiding the truth.

And there are other such similar reports, as written in TMT, pointing to electoral cheating during the last elections. There were 92,509 of the new PCOS machines version, the same dog with a different collar, the Vote Counting Machine or VCM that used in the last polls.

The VCM includes a larger screen with which information on how the machine “interprets” the marks on a voter’s ballot is displayed. The feature, however, was not used as the VCMs were configured to display the information only for less than a second. After a flash of a display, the voter’s ballot was automatically cast, depriving the voter of the opportunity to correct marks on his ballot that the VCM might have deemed to be not properly made. This was followed by the printing of the voter verified paper audit trail, baptized as voter receipt. With that, no confirmation of how the voter;s ballot was registered in the machine, even if the voter’s receipt showed his choices. What rerally matters is how the machine counted one’s vote. No confirmation, really.

Reports of VCM malfunctions started to trickle in mid-morning, causing a wait time of two to three hours, or with some voters simply giving up their chance to vote. At the end of day, close to 2,400 VCMs were reported to have malfunctioned. Close to 200 machines were replaced. In comparison, around 1,850 PCOS malfunctions were reported in the 2013 elections.

There were claims of failed canvassing and consolidation system laptops - about 30 of them - which had to be recalled, reconfigured, and redeployed.

There were also reports of pre-LAT or logic-accuracy test results reflected in canvassing and consolidation reports, which caused some boards of canvassers to reconvene to upload the correct entries, regenerate and reprint the reports, and electronically transmit the same.

Simply, those enumerations tell us, the failures were deliberate and their course, counting was being manipulated to change the true votes cast.

That is where WS is abhor skeptics who outrightly dismiss complaints of cheating, calling on the aggrieved to accept their fate. Foolish. Let the truth come out.

* * * * *

That there is no bad blood between the media and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte - per statement of a Duterte senior Cabinet official, who spoke on condition of anonymity - is the understatement of the year.

There is. The media has even threatened a boycott of his press interviews. And Duterte himself declared he will allow interviews only government-run mediamen.

To then say there is no bad blood between the protagonists, is indeed blatantly wrong.

To say, however, that the strained relationship is incorrigible is what is wrong.

Let us all then give the man a chance to deliver on his promised metamorphosis. If he does so, all apprehensions of a looming dangerous president just might be assuaged.

Even UN expert on summary executions Christof Heyn, who described recent remarks by Duterte as “irresponsible in the extreme, and unbecoming of any leader”, and urged him to stop instigating deadly violence, especially against journalists, slamming his comments as dangerously irresponsible, may – to this effect - take back his words after 30th June.

And soon enough, another doubting Thomas may do the same. WS refers to the UN independent expert on freedom of expression, David Kaye, who also voiced alarm at Duterte’s comments.

We surely do hope that caterpillar will metamorphose into a butterfly.

Folks, that caterpillar-butterfly makes WS remember the words of Tatad, “The alluring image of a “butterfly” is fortuitously enhanced upon the passing of the great Muhammad Ali, the legendary world boxing champion who danced in the ring, promising to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

Yes, he may still sting like, yet be gentle a buitterfly/

Reminds me further of some lines written in the maiden edition of SS intended to appease the fears of my number one crictic-wife, which in one of the days, we will reprint in full here. This time, please allow WS to put it down in brief today. “Swaying with wind and swinging with the tide, the Cabato sting remains.” That is SS.

* * * * *

There could have been some more juicy lines, but recalling the earlier request of Ed Roy for briefer pieces, we write “30”.