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Sunday, 12 June 2016 14:38

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

The immediately hereunder reprint from my fb timeline that kept hounding me the whole day yesterday.

WS came to thinking. If it was the “cut” key that was misguidedly clicked, it could have easily re-appeared when the “paste” key was subsequently pressed. But it did not. Dizzyingly, what could it have been! WS is at a loss. In tagalog, the term is “Buyung tayo”, the coined words of the late Tenga Borromeo, a fixture then in Justice Hall. Here goes —

“The valid/good reason for Writing Sniper (WS) to choose the 1997 version of Microsoft Publisher when encoding was proven again today.

Whew! Such a frustrating day. Hmph..! As my choice Microsoft program is not available in this computer shop where WS is now, had to contend with the 2010 Microsoft Word program.

And folly of follies, a miscalculated click of the wrong button sent the over and done SS piece today to kingdom come. In a move to “copy-paste” the finished SS writeup on fb, instead of clicking on the “copy” key, the “cut” key was mistakenly clicked. And it happens, in the Word program, there appears no “undo cut” key. So SS item worked on by SW — to include research time and writing — a little over two hours, went pffft...

Sorry, folks no SS today. For so grievous a mistake, mea culpa.

* * * *

Yesterday’s SS finished product carried several interesting topics. Among others, in instantaneous recollection, it touched on the Celso-Beng tiff, the Bongbong continuing sourcing of concrete evidence on how cheating was perpetrated in the last elections, the imperiled status of proclaimed VP Leni, the Duterte choice of “Bato” for PNP Chief, the adamance of Customs’ Lina and one or two more.

WS will try to reconstruct it in the way it started. Here goes –

A few days back, on the 9th it was, WS wrote, “Noticeable silence in local politics is still felt. After the heated exchange of barbs between and among the major opposing camps in the last elections, both have silenced their guns.

Good or bad, you please mull over, for this may just be the calm before the storm.”

True enough, it was the calm before the storm. Even before DZT hit the streets, a missile in the form of a press statement was launched. It was read out loud to us from the ZT, sister paper of DZT, by Leo during the morning Monggueh Cabinet session.

It was fired by little weaned/grown sister to big brother “Kuya”.

How one would look at it, is left to your better judgment.

The bombshell,– “Cuando ya implementa bo proyecto, ya coordina bo?”

WS dishes out no comment. What you see is what you get.

* * * *

The other liners, folks. Now, WS understands why Pres.-elect Rodrigo, bypassing several senior officers, is choosing a much junior one for the Chief  PNP post, C/S “Bato” dela Rosa.

Very likely baptized “Bato” because of his toughness, the man just as Duterte - is a tough talker, too. - And having once been a police chief in Davao City, he must have walked his talk there.

Now, “Bato” declares if criminality is not reduced within six months as his boss promised, he will resign.

That’s a good talk. And pretty sure, he will walk his talk.

In a press appearance earlier, he was queried on how he will deal with the drug lords incarcerated in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) - who still ply their illicit trade from within - and had reportedly raised the originally-pegged P10 million bounty on Duterte’s head and his, to P50 M each as there were no bounty hunter-takers. Batting no eyelash quipped. “They will be taken out horizontally.”

That’s “Bato” for you.

* * * *

You will recall, WS has openly declined to brand Duterte as “presumptive” President, explaining Duterte is not a presumed President by 30th June. By then, he is president.

But no, not in the case of Sen. Koko Pimentel as Senate President. To WS, he is a presumptive one.

It was reported yesterday, the Duterte running mate in the last elections - Alan Peter Cayetano and senators aligned with him – have yet to raise the red flag.

Ally Migz Zubiri declared, Duterte’s choice for the senate presidency remains to be Cayetano. This, he said, was  intimated to them, among others, by  Duterte spokesman Christopher Go.

Zubiri added, they will only join up with Pimentel after Duterte and Cayetano shall have talked the matter over and gives the word.

Dear friends, recall that Duterte thumbed down Pimentel’s choice for his running mate, Sen. Bongbong Marcos. Getting to know the dominance and unpredictability of    Duterte, one can never tell if he will again thumb Koko down.

Anybody’s game still. Pimentel, although a good man, remains a presumptive Senate President

* * * *

Also yesterday, incoming Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, jr. warned outgoing Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina  against drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) revised Custom Code.

But that Lina remained steadfast in his stand, claiming that it is his duty to do so.

Aw, c’mon. He is leaving the office by 30th June. By then,  implementors of the new code will be Dominguez and his men.

Siding with the latter, WS expressed doubt on Lina’s insistence, thinking aloud, that he may be beholden to some big-time importers he is moving to protect.

Behold! It coluld be his own skin. A possible concrete reason may just have propped up.

Flash! Outgoing Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina was slapped with a graft case for violating the Anti-Red Tape Act (RA 9485).

The complaint was filed by importing firm Manage Resources Trading Corporation (MRTC) before the Office of the Ombudsman on Thursday but was only disclosed in a news conference on Friday.

My friends, that then must be the reason for his doggedness to draft the IRR in a move to cleanse from him wrong.

Say you?