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Saturday, 18 June 2016 11:44


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Three children for every family is an excellent idea. No less than the incoming President of this Republic, the fearless mayor of Davao City Digong Duterte has propounded it through the media. But he stated clearly that it was a mere advice or suggestion intended to enlighten his fellowmen especially the low income earners to have a small family and raise their children properly within their limited means.

However, there are those who cannot understand what the mayor meant or refuse to believe the poignant idea, simply incredulous over the realities in life.

In times of calamities, such as fire, strong typhoon, flash flood and earthquake, families with many children can hardly survive the disaster or mostly included in the dead toll. Same thing happens during armed conflict in war-torn provinces here in Mindanao. The innocent minors huddle inside dirty evacuation centers as the parents would break down in tears looking at their their children chilling in the cold of the night.

The last few months at the height of the El Nino dry spell, scanty food not enough for all the children. Many of them would pass the night with empty stomach but water.

According to some “bright boys”, children bring happiness to the family, responsible parents no matter how poor can find ways and means to raise their children. And there are men and women from poor families who were able to defy hardships in life and attain tremendous success after years of struggles. Fine. Great stories—from rags to riches. But that’s gambling in the game of life. Parents should not gamble the future of their children.

Hardworking parents can really earn an income to feed their children,. No doubt about it. But how about their health? In times of depression, they can turn to faith healer and herbal medicines. Of course, with faith and prayers.

How about education? The government is doing everything to give basic education to every child. But the child needs higher education for a better employment. If the parents only think of feeding their children, then education is uncalled for. Now it depends upon the child to sacrifice to attain success someday. How manv children are determined to fight for success? How many  will decide to be just liketheir illiterate parents?

A man who lacks education can hardly understand what life really is. He doesn’t care about it, anyway. Also he cannot understand what faith really is. He does not know who God really is. When life and God cannot be understood rightly, then confusion and mental disorder take place in the consciousness of the person. He can easily be duped or fooled until he tends to become irrational and wild.

Based on news reports, how many young kids and minors are involved in petty crimes, rapes, street brawls and illegal drugs? How many more are expected to become like them?

This is what the poignant idea really means in this column.