Dangerous, seriously?! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 15:40


BY Sarita Sebastian

I felt disgusted when a  2014 article of www.destinationtips.com article came out AGAIN  on facebook branding our city as the No. 1 dangerous place in  the Philippines . It was lifted by  kami.ph.com with a spin as a result of the unfortunate incidents involving the beheadings of the two Canadians hostages in Jolo ,Sulu.

I do not wish to sound defensive because I deal with facts. My point is this, the kidnapping took place in Samal island , Davao while the beheading of the two Canadian kidnapped victims happened in the mountains of Jolo, Sulu.

It is very unfortunate that some writers can be totally irresponsible in writing their news articles. How I wish the writer can go back to his or her geography class  and find out where la bella Zamboanga is. For all we know the concerned did visit our city not even for once.Ughhh!

I am not saying that everything is fine in our City. But por dios y por santo, it is totally unfair for one to brand our place as the most dangerous, because if it is true, then I am the first person to leave  the city , ENSEGUIDAS!

Given this development, let’s take this as a challenge. This is one situation where Zamboangueños should unite  and boasts of our  City’s best assets using the different social media platforms.The problem sometimes is that, some of our compoblanos are PASSIVE, pan sin sal lang pirmi. Maboca pero nuay accion. Poreso tan anad sos maga los demas  critica nosotros de por demas. Hay tan jaluga mio sah-gang!

Also, this is a challenge to our local leaders, military and police to actively work hand in hand to improve the peace and order condition of our city. If  positive actions can be achieved then for sure, the perception will also change from negative to positive.

I am still optimistic that big change will happen, a positive one  most especially with the incoming administration of President elect Tatay Digong. Hulat  Rah Gyud Mo! - Email me at Sebastian.sarita@gmail.com