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Thursday, 23 June 2016 14:00

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Starting off SS today with a brief public thank you note to DZT Editor Roy Ramos for still accepting my piece yesterday way off beyond the regular deadline for articles submission.

Unexpectedly, still a serving as Barangay Captain, Boday tasked me to attend to a difficult assignment that would have placed some barangay officials that included a Kagawad, Benhar Arabani, the head of the Baliwasan VAWC (Violence Against Women and Children) and some senior lupon members in hot water. A team led by VAWC head Sheng Uro, overly conscientious of their duties - starting from about 3 pm trooped to far-away Dulian-Pasonanca and reached their target area already by about 9 pm, having passed to two barangays—Capisan and Dulian for assistance.

Mission was to see ways how to convince a separated husband from wife to alternately give the latter custody of their child. They, however, came back empty-handed but with obtained written authority. The following day, however, the husband in the company of an uncle-policeman went to the Baliwasan Barangay Hall and complained of alleged attempted abduction. Thus, the assignment to WS as mediator given by son Boday.

Dutifully, WS obliged and succeeded in reaching an amicable settlement not only on the alleged abduction attempt, but husband-wife child-sharing scheme as well.

The task, however, prevented WS from trimming SS on time, allowing its sending already by past 3.30 pm. Still and on all, Ed Roy accepted the same. Hence, expression  of gratitude. Thank you, Ed

* * * *

A scanty days before ex-Sen. Manong Ernie, who wrote for PhilStar, penned “30”, he left a littany of failures of  Pres. BS Aquino. The list was itemized to eighteen in number.

Due to space constraints, all these letdowns cannot be possibly accommodated here, least we limit our piece only to Maceda’s revelations — let alone citing the most major ones — Most because all are major fiascos — 1. Drugs problem, 2.Food insufficiency, 3. Rebellions (MNLF-MIL:F-NPA), 4. Smuggling, 5. Philippine-China row, 6. Lowest foreign investments among ASEAN nations, etc. etc. etc.

If you would so desire to know all, please surf the net, and look for “Search for Truth”, dated  18th June 2016. See the nearness of his writeup to his departure day.

* * * *

The City Police Office has promptly acted on the gunslaying of Lt. Col. Cristobal Julian Paolo Perez, and formed a special investigation task group to look into the matter.

City Police Office Director Supt. Luisito Magnaye said the probe body, Special Task Group Tiny, is named after the nickname of the victim, a decorated army officer, credited to be No.1 enemy of the Abu Sayyaf.

Initial investigation disclosed Perez and some family members were inside their residential-business establishment named Secret Recipe Restaurant at Buenbrazo Drive, Guiwan shortly before 10 p.m. when someone called him on cell phone and asked he go out the back gate.

Huh! Easily it can then be said, they were close acquaintances, otherwise he would not have obliged. It was then that he was met with gunfire.

Nice angle for them for Police to delve on. Say you?

* * * *

Taking cue from President-elect Rodrigo Duterte whose camp announced of a frugal inaugural event in Malacanang, the city government disclosed its own simple and brief oath-taking ceremony on the 30th. It will be at the lobby of City staring at 8 am.

Mayor Isabelle Salazar said, not naming any, certain officials will be given opportunity to speak but the length of speeches will be limited.

She said all the elected officials have been informed about the ceremony.

Here’s hoping the Mayor is not taking the Duterte cue to the bones, which is that he did not want presumptive VP Leni Robredo to be with him during his oath-taking.

Hearing no name of Cong. Celso Lobregat, WS wonders aloud, wazzzzup? Wondering aloud, but not saying it out loud.

If guess is right... alam na! (It’s known - obvious)

Meanwhile, DZT reports, the Sangguniang Panlungsod has set its inaugural session on July 12 at 9am at the Session Hall of the SP Building located at R.T. Lim Boulevard. And that the mayor has been invited to deliver a message during the ceremony where she will spell out her priorities for the next 3 years and her recommended legislative measures.

Hey hey hey … Cong. Lobregat gale? (What about CL?)

Mas Alam na! (All the more known now.) And here’s an FM radio cliché - Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?

Set aside the City Hall inaugural venue, let’s center on the City Council, which can easily accommodate more persons.

It  has been customary that in all maiden sessions, the two congressional representative are normally given the chance to also say their pieces. This time around, space constriction? A lot of bull!

* * * *

Came to learn of it only today upon reading a Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Office 9 statement.

Highly urbanized Zamboanga City is sans a higher ranked category hotel than that of a 3-star rating.

Garden Orchid Hotel, DOT-9 announced, rates highest here with three stars, followed by Grand Astoria Hotel and Hacienda de Palmeras Hotel with two stars. Lantaka Hotel, Jardin De La Viña Hotel, and Marcian Garden Hotel and Convention Center got a rating of one star each.

DOT 9 Regional Director Mary June Bugante said, the DOT main office contracted a third party to handle the evaluation of the accommodation industry.

Before, the classification of hotels and accommodation establishments were classified as De Luxe Class, First Class, Standard Class and Economy Class. This was replaced with the present star ratings from the lowest with one highest with five.

* * * *

At least 15 members of the Liberal Party (LP) headed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd are expected to take a leave from the party once Rodrigo Duterte assumes the presidency.

This so because they are opting to stay out of the super majority coalition in the House of Representatives led by PDP-Laban–the political party of Duterte, to which the LP has plans to align.

Outgoing Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. of Quezon City on Tuesday disclosed that these 15 are the members who do not want to join the super majority coalition in the House of Representatives led by PDP-Laban–the political party of Duterte.

Belmonte clarified that the LP, which fielded Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd in the May 9 presidential race, is yet to sign a coalition agreement with PDP-Laban because the LP does not want to be reduced to a bite-sized group, because there are various factors in making the decision. There is a group there [PDP-Laban] that wants to reduce the number of Liberals to 20, which is way below the other groups of political parties in the majority coalition.

Will Belmonte  and company agree. Desperate as they seem to be, they just might.

* * * *

TMT’s Gus Lagman writes, “By this time, only the truly uninformed would still find Smartmatic’s combination of PCOS/VCM (Precinct Count Optical Scan/Vote Counting Machine) and CCS (canvassing and consolidation system) an acceptable solution to the automation of Philippine elections. We used this solution in the last three National and Local Elections (NLE) and in all three, we experienced “glitches” and lack of transparency that convinced us of the system’s unreliability and its vulnerability to tampering.”

He then enumerated several incidents that clearly pointed to cheating. The first proof, “During the canvassing of the 2008 (Sic, 2010?) ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) election, several precincts in Wao, Lanao del Sur, showed zero results. When this was reported to Smartmatic, a technical person in the company accessed the machines in Wao and made the correction … from Manila!

C   learly then, this shows that Smartmatic can change the results in any region, at will, and from anywhere in the country.

In the same elections, the number of registered voters hit the 250 million mark at the start of canvassing – way, way beyond the 40-50 million actual count. Smartmatic again accessed the erroneous count and changed it. Yet another proof that they can easily alter election process figures., continued Lagman.

Also, he pointed out, “In just the first two hours of canvassing of the 2013 Senatorial elections, Senator Poe garnered more than 10 million votes – and was wildly increasing by the minute. Again, Smartmatic accessed the system and altered the count progress to a more reasonable rate, once more proving that they could tamper with the results at will.”

Just like the Maceda littany of Aquino failures, not all Lagman observations could be accommodate here. There are beads of rosary, too.

In conclusion quoted Joseph Stalin, “It is not the people who vote that count, it is the people who count the votes.”

* * * *

Even as his communications secretary gave assurance that there would be no media boycott, president-elect Rodrigo Duterte yesterday maintained he would limit his interactions with the press during his term and deal with journalists only when he has “business” with them.

So, what else is new? But later maybe, when he metamorphoses into a butterfly upon assumption to the presidency of the republic.

For the moment, he still is enjoying “being rude”.