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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:18

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

WS telegraphs Councilor-elect Boday Cabato’s punches on the appointed day for assuming office. This is an offshoot of weeks of candid family talks, coupled by Monggueh Cabinet sessions. Although not final as of yet — the young Cabato might do a solo on induction day.

Heeeppp… Manga pillo (Naughty guys, you), no politicking here. This is not a Duterte (for barring Leni Robredo, not a Lobregat (for doing a solo much earlier) nor a Climaco act (for alienating or relegating Lobregat to the back seat. It’s for good reasons. And repeat, this is only tentative. This telegraphed message doesn’t even bear Boday’s go-signal, optimistic he will approve of this good-intentioned act, so WS shares it with you.

The reason — Mayor Isabelle Climcao-Salazar, in her invitation to Boday, specifically said, an inductee will be limited to only three guests each. So, he is wary of shutting out his immediate family members, relatives, ardent supporters and some friends even during the momentous event in his life - prompting possible solo act.

When final family decision is reached, only time will tell. When time tells, that is of God’s will. Amen.

* * * *

Special lines on the Cabinet consultations re-Boday intent.

The radical comment first. From Alex Wee. “Aparte, Jim. Nuay gane si Beng ayuda cun Boday. Ya precura pa gane hace cay. Dale ya mira agrabio.” (Separate, Jim. Beng did not help Boday.  There were even efforts to put him out. Show disgust.

The moderate now — Chairman Monggueh “Genghis” Gan, the conqueror. “No. Respetoso el familia Cabato. Informa lang cun Beng el rason di ustedes dicision.” (No. the family Cabato is respectful. Just inform her of Boday’s reason.)

Monggueh even made a suggestion on how to word the information to be sent to Climaco. His advice - “Pidi permiso liba si cuanto stedes ta desea imbita.”

My answer. - “Hende quel quere si Beng. Hende kame sagrao.” (Beng will not agree. We are not blessed - not the apple of her eye.)

He retorted, “ Ese, pues el tiempo para aparta. Pero, aclarao el deseo de man juntu le na grupu. (Then, that is the time to separate. But then intention to join up with the group is magnified.)

If only D-Day wasn’t three “sleeps” away, WS would have advised Boday to go for it. But date is too close for comfort. Three days left. Hence, the original intentioned letter will likely be delivered today.

For emphasis. Family decision hasn’t yet been reached. Time will tell. Amen.

* * * *

The Ayala Police Station under Commander Sr. Insp. Karib Muharram is going great guns. It has its own version of Quezon City’s “Katok-Pakiusap.” It has no code-name, though but it appears similar in nature.

A total of 30 drug suspects have turned themselves to police and barangay officials in Recodo, one week before President-elect Rodrigo Duterte assumes office.

The drug suspects voluntarily signed a memorandum of agreement and vowed to start a new life.

In turn, the Police promised that the suspects will not be put behind bars. Instead, they will be given livelihood assistance.

Now, that is “pakiusap”. Isn’t it?

Recall that Recodo is tagged as drug capital of Zamboanga City.

And very likely, the Duterte threats that drug suspects will be killed if they resist arrest is doling wonders. The tough-talking incoming president has even offered policemen bounties for the capture of drug suspects dead or alive.

In another development, an alleged notorious and dangerous man who shot and killed a resident of Ayala Friday night, was himself killed in a shootout with police during a hot pursuit operation Saturday morning, led by Muharram.

In said operation at Sitio Sto. Niño, Ayala to arrest suspect Herbert Torralba y Garcia, the latter resisted by firing his .38 cal. revolver. The lawmen returned fire killing him.

Police recovered Torralba’s .38 cal. revolver during an ocular investigation.

* * * *

Having warned the Abu Sayyaf that the day of reckoning shall come and that the bandit group should surrender unconditionally and release all their hostages or face the consequences of their action, he now wants the bandit to make clear their stand.

In a speech Saturday night in Cebu City, Duterte asked if the Abu Sayyaf is open to holding a dialogue with government or just continue its atrocities.

Duterte said he does not consider the Abu Sayyaf to be an enemy despite its tag as a militant group and involvement in kidnapping foreign nationals for ransom.

He added, they are not my enemies, that he knows their moves are connected with the issue of Mindanao, just want to make it clear if they are willing to talk or just fight it out.

On the other hand, Vice Gov. Sakur Tan contends, they (the military) have been there, done that, and it hasn’t work.

Tan says poverty in the province is the root of all these. An all-out war strategy has failed to neutralize the Abu Sayyaf.

Displaying exasperation, he said, “That all-out war was declared many times by previous presidents. All-out war nang all-out war, but look at what happened, the Abu Sayyaf is still there.”

He noted that the Abu Sayyaf continues to kidnap foreign and local hostages for ransom. The solution is to address the poverty prevailing in the area,” Tan added.

The good Sulu official may do have some sense there, but both ways may work hand in hand. Alleviate people’s plight at the same time wage the all-out war. Other presidents may have failed. But possibly not under Duterte. Let’s the man the chance to prove his actions are as good as his mouth. In the first place, the militant groups have committed so much atrocities, and have to pay for their misdeeds.

The Abu Sayyaf recently beheaded two Canadian hostages who failed to come up with the P300-million ransom for each hostage.

And they are still holding a third Norwegian captive, reportedly awaiting renewed negotiations.

* * * *

In a speech laced with profanities to a crowd of about 10,000 in Cebu Duterte said that he wanted to be honest about how he would address the problem of illegal drugs.

Citing that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) placed the number of drug addicts in the country at three million, he explained that most addicts, who had been in rehabilitation for six months to a year, could no longer be helped since their brains had shrunk from illegal drug use. The loss of reasoning has led many drug addicts to commit crimes like rape, robbery and murder, he said. He then gave examples of children as young as one year old  and 12 years old getting raped and dumped, expressing doubts if he can assure that his own grandchild will not become an addict, when he is already gone.

In conclusion, he deplored, not all drug addicts could be put in jail or rehabilitation at the same time.

With them out on the streets and likely to commit crimes any time, Duterte said it would be better to kill them.

* * * *

President-elect Duterte disclosed that his governance will be more direct in acting on the most common of public grievances with a 24-hour hotline accessible to every Filipino. In an exclusive interview with singer Mocha Uson, Duterte said a 24-hour hotline for public grievances will be created under the Office of the President.

The office will be provided with 12 hotline numbers for public complaints of corruption in government offices.

Duterte said the hotline numbers will be manned by persons who will record complaints of corrupt practices by government officials. He said he will deal with these corrupt officials directly and humiliate them.

Meanwhile in Uson’s interview, Duterte acknowledged that he will need extraordinary powers to solve Metro Manila’s traffic woes. “Kung pumayag ang Congress, we will declare a crisis,” he said.

The interview, posted by Uson on her Facebook page, MOCHA USON BLOG, also showed Duterte’s resolve in cutting long queues for public documents from various government agencies - a concern raised by many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

He mentioned creating a new office under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that will perform the functions of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

These three offices are responsible for issuing pertinent documents needed by jobseekers in securing employment locally or abroad. (MB)

* * * *

A little while back, we wrote on the article of the late Ernesto Maceda.. Maceda listed no less than eighteen failures of the outgoing Aquino administration. WS has on hand another litany of faults attributed to Pres. BS Aquino. Author of article is Hector Villanueva

Owing to space constrictions,  SS will delve on it next.