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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 11:56

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

It’s the 28th today. That’s barely two “sleeps” away to the assumption of office of the new set of election officials for the next three years. And the final Cabato family decision as to where Boday is to hold his inaugural as city councilor of Zamboanga may come not later than 1 pm today.

For the moment, the stacks are a little tilted to a City Hall venue.

The only remaining factor is the idea of our Cabinet Chairman Monggueh “Genghis” Gan, the conqueror. That is to request for additional spaces for Boday’s immediate family members. To request inclusion of close relatives and friends would be too much.

If the decision comes before the posting of this piece, you will know immediately.

Almost sending time, no word from Climaco staff on request. Waiting… ‘til time tells -  God’s will.

* * * *

Displaying concern that spans beyond boundaries, Congressman Celso Lobregat continues his humanitarian deeds to fire victims of the Sta. Catalina, a barangay of District 2 — outside his sphere of influence.

Witnessing the poor living and health conditions of the fire victims, Lobregat moved to detail about 30 individuals under the cash-for-work program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and his office. They will assist barangay personnel and social workers in maintaining sanitation in the temporary evacuation center at Don GEMS Elementary School.

The solon observed that due to congestion and unbefitting environment, sanitation will greatly impinge on the health condition of the fire victims, especially the children, senior citizens and pregnant mothers who are mixed up with all other evacuees.

Lobregat noted, if no corrective measures are immediately applied, tendencies for contraction of certain communicable  diseases. He then initiated talks with Barangay Chairman and Councilor-elect Jimmy Villaflores, DSWD and the Health Workers detailed in the area to set off extensive sanitation plans in cooperation with his office.

It was then that the solon requested Villaflores to submit to him a list of some 30 male evacuees who are willing to work for their own welfare within the evacuation area. The grantees will be having two shifts in the morning and in the evening with fifteen workers each time. They will be paid the minimum wage of P280.00 per day for the period of 15 days. (DZT-fed)

* * * *

Here is that piece, WS mentioned yesterday as an other litany of the Aquino administration woes.

Hector Villanueva, a former cabinet secretary, writes that while outgoing President BS Aquino and incoming President Rodrigo stood on a similar platform of anti-corruption, there are contrasting priorities and separate directions between them.

“On one hand, instead of assembling his Cabinet and official family on day one, President Noy Aquino opted to pursue his pet peeves and political enemies by (1) impeaching and ousting Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona,  (2) by indicting and incarcerating former President Gloria Arroyo for corruption, and (3) by prosecuting and jailing three opposition senators, namely, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, and Sen. Bong Revilla, allegedly for the misuse of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Moreover, the illegal, unconstitutional, and anomalous usage of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) for bribery purposes and political largesse brought dishonor to the administration.”

Further, Villanueva said, “with so much time and energy wasted on public hearings and investigations, the initial years of P-noy were compounded and aggravated by the tragic fiasco of the Mamasapano massacre of 44 SAF Commandos, and the devastation wrought by super-typhoon “Yolanda.”

these events, President Noynoy Aquino not only squandered the best years of his watch but also lost the opportunity for greatness.”

Of Duterte, this he had to say, “… as we are currently witnessing,... Duterte has boldly promised the electorate that he would suppress and marginalize drug trafficking, corruption, and criminality in six months which audacity has resonated with the masses.

Thus, even before he has assumed office, President -elect Duterte has already hit the ground running and eager to meet the challenges, and has promised many more pro-people changes.

That he said is the distinctive difference between President Benigno Aquino of 2010, and President Elect Duterte of 2016.

That while the laid-back president tarries the whole day, the insomniac city mayor of Davao toils at night.

Adding, while the tasks and problems ahead are herculean in magnitude and seemingly intractable in complexity, President Duterte seems equal to the challenges.

Praising Duterte further, he expounded, the Cabinet members of President Duterte are seasoned executives, mature, honest, committed, experienced, and qualitatively superior to the Cabinet of President Aquino.

Concludingly, he said, when all is said and done, the nation awaits with trepidation as well as high expectations to see whether President Duterte can pull off what he has set to conquer.

As Pierre Corneille would write, “Where there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph.”

You be the judge, he ended.

* * * *

And it does really seem Duterte is bound to comply with his promises. The President by 30 June said the threat of death or impeachment will not stop him from fulfilling his campaign promises to stop crime and corruption.

In his last speech as mayor of Davao City on Monday, Duterte declared that he is willing to put his life and honor on the line and is ready to relinquish his post if he fails to deliver on his promises to the people.

Impeachment? “I have no problem with that. I will insist on doing what I promised to the people,” he vowed.

Addressing criminals, he warned that when he says stop, they’d better stop.

He also vowed that corruption will not be tolerated by his administration.

The consequences leave no room for the imagination. Kill.

He even took his own snipes at Commission on Human Rights Chairman Chito Gascon for apparently siding with slain criminals.

“These human rights groups, congressmen, how stupid you are,” the President-elect said as he highlighted their criticism of his plans to impose late-night curfew on children and to reintroduce death penalty.

One has to pay for the crime committed. If one murder or rape a person, he has to die… (or) he has to kill himself, he declared.

* * * *

TMT reports, Church-based election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) has admitted to errors during the conduct of its quick count of results of the May 9 elections.

PPCRV Communications and Media Director Ana de Villa Singson on Monday said there were indeed “issues” that surfaced during the quick count, specifically in the party-list race.

“… specifically in the party-list,” ir was admitted. Party list? As confessed there was tampering, it could not stopped only there. As it was the transparency and script server that was changed under suspicious manners, all others were altered., for sure.

* * * *

The discord in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) seems to have further worsened, as three commissioners plan to boycott the coming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) polls, one official said yesterday.

Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon disclosed that she and her fellow First Division commissioners Christian Robert Lim and Luie Guia have decided to withdraw participation in the conduct of the two polls.

Guanzon claimed that in line with the May 9 polls, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista had passed to them some responsibilities that the poll chief should have been doing.

Guanzon said that Bautista, as head of Comelec, is mandated to notify agencies, stakeholders and users about the hacking of the website.

Citing one instance, Bautista appointed Lim and Commissioner Al Parreño so the two were the ones subpoenaed by the National Privacy Commission.

“The director of the Information Technology Department is directly under his supervision. It is very unfair that commissioners have to take responsibility for something that by law is not their job,” she said.

* * * *

Incoming secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, not seated as yet is delving on an anti-climactic act over his boss.

While Duterte has been tough-talking on dealings with criminals and drug pushers, and vowing to defend authorities who carry out his instructions, Aguirre is singing a different tune.

“Siguru este felo kiere bula na puesto temprano.” (Maybe this fellow wants to be sacked early.)

PhilStar (PS) reports, the Department of Justice (DOJ) under  is poised look into the recent spate of killings of drug suspects.

Based on reports of PS, the number of drug suspects killed has reached 59 as of last weekend. Most cases involved those who supposedly fought it out with arresting police officers.

And according to Incoming justice secretary the number of drug suspects slain all over the country since the May 9 polls continues to climb.

Aguirre stressed that the DOJ would be ready to investigate should families of drug suspects killed either in police operations or ambush file complaints with the department.

Aguirre even downplayed Duterte’s tough-talk allowing law enforcement authorities to kill drug suspects in their anti-narcotics operations, coming out with his interpretation it as no blanket authorization for policemen to kill drug suspects, or any criminal suspect, without provocation or justification. “President Rody’s pronouncement is for the police authorities to kill drug suspects who would threaten their lives by fighting back.”

But that is exactly what the  PS report said. Repeat - “Most cases involved those who supposedly fought it out with arresting police officers.”

That’s exactly what PS reported. Repeat - “Most cases involved those who supposedly fought it out with arresting police officers.”

And yet uttering a threat of his own. The gull of an underling! That would dampen the spirit of lawmen. Say you?