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Saturday, 02 July 2016 13:28

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

This was an advance writeup pounded on the 29th, ahead of today’s schedule for son Boday’s oath-taking. It just happened, as in the case of other articles, it did not see print because of internet malfunction.

At writing time, 5 pm, no family decision then had yet been reached as to where he takes oath today, although, WS just took note of a miscall from him, but on returning his call, he cannot be reached.

So as said in the last two days (three now) or so, time will tell. And God’s wisdom and will.

But late evening of that day, a final decision was reached at the instance of wife Yiette. As it was yesterday -City Hall.

The meat of the discussions was the limited number of three guests an inductee was supposed to tag along. (“Supposed” because some others brought along hosts of others. Allowed?)

As it turned out Boday, having two teenaged daughters, were -as it did - chosen to accompany him with their mother Yiette, but the latter insisted it was to be me. But knowing how equally proud wife, Lily his mother is of Boday, WS resolutely gave the privilege to Lily.

WS had to skip the occasion. No regrets. Yan bawi man yo uliji, (I recouped some in the end anyway ), WS had the most number of personal guests - practically the entire Monggueh Cabinet - during the humble thanksgiving get-together that followed.

* * * *

Noting Blogs and even opinion pages that, indeed, are filled with essays on how Filipinos seem to have a penchant for breaking rules, Rigoberto Tiglao - calling the four, not five Comelec Commissioners the “Farcical Five“ - said, should resign for their decision allowing the Liberal Party and candidates to file late SOCEs (Statement of Contributions and Expenditures).

Comparing them to members of our intellectual elite, they have become lackeys of politico-economic overlords, commit such flouting of the rule of law.

He also said,  Comelec  showed utter disregard for its own rules that – as incoming House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez pointed out – it hasn’t bothered to publicly issue a resolution that extended for 14 days its deadline for the filing of SOCEs. It hasn’t even rescinded its Resolution No. 9991 in 2015 which declares that the June 8 deadline is “final and non-extendible.”

On another matter, Tiglao also wrote, in just two weeks, this regime of the Yellow Ribbon will be thrown into the dustbin of history, and for most Filipinos, it will be as if an evil wizard’s spell over a hapless people were suddenly lifted. Thank God.

He continued, I don’t think any historian would look at this yellow regime as having helped develop this archipelago into a nation.

The Yellow Ribbon, he opined, will be a scorned symbol, if it is at all remembered.

Except for President Aquino and his few fanatics, he thinks nobody will be wearing yellow ribbon on their chests anymore.

Even the high priests of that Order – Sen. Franklin Drilon, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, and especially losing presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd - are no longer wearing that ridiculous symbol, he noted.

Salvador Laurel, Joker Arroyo, Juan Ponce Enrile, Teodoro Locsin, Jr., and Ramon Mitra , key players in the EDSA Revolt never wore that ribbon on their chests.

It was only Cory’s underachiever, lackluster son Benigno 3rd who did, as he  needed to remind people that he’s her son.

His biting words resounded, “So, with the propaganda power of and the talisman that was the Yellow Ribbon, Aquino had the gall to commit the following crimes against the nation:

1. He attacked the Supreme Court by removing its Chief Justice, Renato Corona, from office on a single, flimsy, non-impeachable ground, with Congress both mesmerized by the purported anti-corruption ethos of the Yellow Ribbon and bribed through pork-barrel money and the hijacked government funds through the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

The intent – as is indisputably proven now – was entirely to get the Supreme Court to rule compensation for the Cojuangco side of his clan P1.3 billion for their Hacienda Luisita’s inclusion in the land reform program, instead of only P196 million as the Court had ordered. Another major purpose of the assault was to fill the Supreme Court with Aquino’s appointees so the Court’s decisions would support his schemes, which was the case when it allowed Grace Poe to run for the presidency, with Poe’s drawing power calculated to steal candidate JejomarBinay’s mass support.

Aquino’s decapitation of the Supreme Court alone makes him the worst President in our history. Other than Marcos—who at least had a clear national vision for declaring Martial Law, which, in fact, our Asian neighbors had also done around that era – Aquino damaged what stood as essential to building a nation: its institutions. As a result, never before has the prestige of Congress been so low (as to follow blindly a President’s order to remove the Chief Justice) and never has there been a Supreme Court Chief Justice as unqualified as she is beholden to Aquino.

2. Aquino decimated the opposition under the guise of the anti-graft program of the Order of the Yellow Ribbon. Aquino, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales in 2013 kept claiming that other than opposition leaders Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Bong Revilla – the latter two, would you believe, were presidential timber at that time – they would file charges against known big supporters of Aquino. They never did.

For some sleight nobody really can explain, Aquino, under the Yellow Ribbon’s propaganda power, has managed to imprison the ailing Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on the most flimsy grounds. After sick years of searching every single filing cabinet of government for evidence of graft, Aquino, though, has been utterly unable to prove the alleged corruption of his predecessor, who steered the country in 2007-2008 through the worst global financial crisis.

3. He conscripted the Press to his schemes, with its members who have the smallest, gullible minds or the most mercenary souls justifying their enlistment on the basis of the purported anti-graft aims of the Yellow Ribbon. Thus, the pork-barrel attack on the opposition was disguised as an investigative journalism project of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The paper also undertook the most savage and unrelenting demonization campaign against Vice President Jejomar Binay, which spelled his doom in the recent presidential elections.

He concluded by saying, it is so revealing of his real character that President Aquino during his entire term never ever wore our flag-pin, Only the Yellow Ribbon.

US President Barrak Obama, he added, other than in very informal occasions - when he wore a plain shirt, was seen without the US pin on his left chest.

* * * *

So it turns out, the chosen Duterte heads of the Police and the military are equally decisive. Incoming Armed Forces chief Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya disclosed a plan to launch non-stop, 24/7 operations against the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), saying it will be the fastest way to defeat the jihadists.

“We are planning that, to fight the Abu Sayyaf 24/7.We would like to defeat [them]. That’s the fastest way and can be the best option to fight them,” Visaya said on Tuesday.

The proposal, he said will be formally presented on 1 July 1 when top military officials meet installed President- Rodrigo Duterte in a command conference.

“After the turnover on July 1, there will be a command conference in the presence of our new President, then we will be hearing the guidance of the President, so we will start from there,” according to Visaya.

Told about the option given by Duterte to talk or to fight, he said that is the prerogative of the Commander-in-Chief.

* * * *

This is as far as WS goes for this piece that started grinding a little after 4 pm. It’s nearing 5 p:m, and the alarm call from Chairman for our evening session has sounded.

The choice venue remains at a  very close 50-50 odds, with a little tilting to a different venue.

Time will tell. And on God’s wisdom and will.

And on God’s wisdom and will, time spoke late evening of that day - City Hall.

The rest is history

’Til next time around, forks, God bless.