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Monday, 04 July 2016 11:32

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Editor Roy Ramos has again requested WS to shorten the length of SS.

Aye aye, Ed. Will do.

* * * *

Joining up crusade versus illegal drugs is new Baliwasan Barangay Chair, daughter Aimie. The other day she and one BIN member entered  Atis Drive in her turf and sought out suspected drug users and talked to them about reformation, availing of government “surrender” terms. She confided, in due time they will be convinced to turn themselves up.     She sounded that it may take just a visit or two more with them.

And last night at around past 9 pm, Aimie received a call from a Baliwasan Seaside supporter-friend, informing he was with same Muslim community leaders, and with Officer Masilam, whose first name skips my mind, at the head of the assemblage initiating talks before some 30 suspected drug-users, who were herded to the madrasa for a meeting.    She was invited over to help in the dialogue. Jumping from her seat — in the company of another brother Marco to drive — and two tanods, they immediately motored off to the area.    Good thing Police Station 11 Chief, Officer Joemarie Abarico, ranks also skipping my mind, had called a day before barangay officials for briefing on his station’s surrender program. So authoritatively she re-echoed what all that Albarico taught them. Upon return, she again exuded positivity that the suspected drug takers will very soon give up, as only a few more fine-tuning is needed.

She was all praises for the Muslim community officer Masilam.

Young and petite a village chief is, Aimie is off to a good start. Which father would not be proud of her? Councilor Boday likewise feels the same.

* * * *

After six long years of evasion, the long arm of the law has finally caught up with a kidnapper. Government forces on Friday arrested in Basilan an Abu Sayyaf militant tagged in the kidnapping of a Filipino-American and her son in Sacol island, Zamboanga City in July of 2011.

Arrested was radicalist Abih Adjalan alias Idol in his residence at Sitio Kambing Kambing Barangay Sungkayot, Unkaya Pukan around 4:30 a.m.

The kidnap victims were Jerfa Lunsmann and her son Kevin on.

He was arrested on the strength of a warrant issued by Judge Peter Eisma of Regional Trial Court Branch 15.

Adjalan is now detained here, having been transported to Zamboanga city aboard a Philippine Navy vessel.

The operating forces who arrested Adjalan include troopers of the army’s 18th Battalion, operatives of the Intelligence Security Group of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao, Regional Intelligence Unit 9.

Last year, three Abu Sayyaf militants were sentenced to life imprisonment without the eligibility for parole for the kidnapping of Lunsmann. They are Patik Samson aka Mauck or Samuray, Meijing Jama aka Eyebag, and Jamil Ajilulu aka Robin.

* * * *

Mayor Beng Climaco has finally relieved Dr. Elmeir E. Apolinario of additional responsibilities, upon issuance of an executive order designating in concurrent capacity City Legal Officer Jesus C. Carbon Jr. as officer-in-charge of the City Administrator’s Office.

This move is seen to remove the burden of an official holding two sensitive posts at the same time. Apolinario is exercising multifarious duties and responsibilities as City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management officer, which Climaco, says mamndates him to be in the frontline during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.

* * * *

It does seem Pres. Rodrigo Duterte is metamorphosing into a gentle butterfly, as promised. And as in his own words, he is rude no more. Glad to notice it.

He now speaks of honoring international treaties and pacts. Matters never heard of in previous times. I like that.

Whereas before, he shunned media and even “denigrated” murdered members of media, having said of them, “If you are a son of a b——h, doesn’t mean you are exempted from being killed.”

Now, he calls for hours long press briefings. No holds barred.

And this time, he condemned the armed attack of a radioman in Surigao City, resulting in the latter’s wounding and the death of a young son, a boy.

But don’t make mistakes of his other pronouncements, particularfly killing. WS feels his words stay.

Here is one fact, WS learned only today that we share with you.

As a graduating student of law at San Beda College in Manila in 1972, Duterte shot a bully on the school campus.

Duterte himself earlier told the story at a campaign rally in Iloilo City. His victim was one Octavio Goco.

His words then, “I was a graduating student at San Beda when I shot a man. I waited for him, I told myself I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Duterte said Goco bullied him over his being a Visayan. Muslim students also suffered from Goco’s bullying, he said.

Duterte said they were in the corridor and Goco was pushing people around.

“I said you son of a bitch if I get hit I will shoot you. I was hit in the nose. Aaah! Bang,” he said.

So, criminals, surrender. Otherwise, Aaah! Bang.

* * * *

Using the program Microsoft Word – where SS is usually ground - and today not Publisher, can’t tell length of this piece. So, please bear with me today if this is still long, Ed. Thank you.