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Tuesday, 05 July 2016 13:48



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty!” (Proverbs 14:23, the Holy Bible, NLT).

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LP IS SOUR-GRAPING: If the warning that both houses of Congress are once again being turned into a “rubber-stamp” legislature, ready and salivating to do every bidding of the Duterte government, did not come from the Liberal Party, I would have chimed in and agreed wholeheartedly. But coming from the party that was itself the prime “rubber-stamp” during the Aquino government, the warning was nothing but mere sour-graping.

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DELA ROSA SHOULD JUST SHUT UP? And now that the 48-hour deadline imposed by newly-installed Director General Ronaldo Dela Rosa of the Philippine National Police for ranking police officers who are sidelining as drug lords to surrender lapsed without anyone giving himself up, it is now his duty to name names, and perhaps even kill likewise, the generals he had implicated in the illegal drugs business. Otherwise, he should just shut up, too!

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UNSOLICITED ADVICE FOR DUTERTE GOV’T: By the way, here is an unsolicited advice for the Duterte government: it maybe prudent for all of them at this point to refrain or altogether stop announcing grandiose plans such as ridding the country of crime, corruption, and of the drug menace in the first six months of their term, so that people will not get disillusioned with them if nothing happens by December 2016, and thereby encourage the thought that they are no different from their incapable predecessors, after all.

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QUESTION AND ANSWER: Rudy, a tailor from Tondo, Manila, asked me: “If a man beats his wife, whether legally married to him or is simply his paramour, he gets 20 years of imprisonment according to Republic Act 9262, or the law against violence against women. But if a woman beats her husband, she is to be jailed for only a period of 30 days or so. Why the discrimination?”

Yes, I agree, there is a discrimination here. But then, as long as RA 9262 remains to be a law, there is nothing that husbands or male lovers can do with the stiff penalties when they beat their wives or paramours. My advice to men, therefore, is this: if you do not wish to be jailed for 20 years, stop being violent, even with your speech only. If you feel so angry, bite your lips or your tongue until they bleed, to prevent you from hitting your wife.

That notwithstanding, I concede that, for a very long time now, men had been very harsh against their wives and their lovers, beating them black and blue even for no apparent reason at all. I can only say that men like these wife beaters are not truly Christians or believers in God, because the teaching is that, men should always be gentle and loving, unless the wife is engaged in adultery.

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CHURCH IS NECESSARY FOR SALVATION OF SOULS: Let me reiterate a point I raised in the column that preceded this item today: a church is a necessary component of salvation for sinners, especially the Church that Jesus said He will build from the “east”, from a “far-off land” which, in reality, is the Philippines.

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said He will build His Church. This Church, He said, will be the Church of Salvation, because hell will not prevail against it. This means that a member of that Church will be saved, and will live with God in Paradise. It is therefore very important to be a member of that Church of Jesus in the Philippines.

Why am I saying that the Church of Jesus will be built by Him in the Philippines? Because of what Isaiah 46:11 said—that God (whose Name is Jesus) will be fulfilling His purpose (which is the preaching of the Good News that Jesus is God and Savior) by His calling His “leader” from the “east, from a far-off land”. This “east”, or this “far-off land”, is the Philippines, as we will show in succeeding columns. Continue reading this column, then!

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