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Thursday, 07 July 2016 13:50


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

The aristocrats in Manila’s plush subdivisions, the common masses in Zamboanga villages, indubitably almost all have the same petition in their prayers — to have tangible change in our midst or society or in our system. Almost all, the nation as a whole are crying for a change most especially those who have less in life and the unfortunate sector of society.

The much-needed change is very clear — to restore, to revive or rectify the eroded tradition, deteriorated culture, contaminated lifestyle and spoiled character.

We have a government run by laws. The people should live by the rule of law. But apparently today’s lawlessness is dominating and trying to take over the reins of our political system. Organized criminals are in cahoots with public officials, police and military authorities. Anyone who tries to block their way would suffer a brutal fate, annihilated by any means. Media killings is an example. Lawyers and judges are not spared. Anyone may be gunned down even in broad daylight. Notwithstanding the fight is on between the good and the evil.

Some years ago the problem of illegal drugs was confined only in big, developed cities. Today drug users are everywhere even on top of a hill or out there in the distant island. Schools, offices, movie studios and theatres are infected with the narcotic virus. So much crimes were committed by drug addicts and drug related incidents were recorded in police files. The ugly head of narco politics is slowly emerging before our very eyes. It is a serious threat, political analysts forewarned.

A few years ago, if you recall, there was a report informing us that the Philippines is one of the most corrupt nations of the world. In every election by experience, we are disgusted or disheartened by the reports about cheatings and all forms of electoral frauds. Hence, the COMELEC office is usually loaded with election protest cases right after the elections. Election related incidents and scandalous innuendoes seem to be unavoidable during election time. Ombudsman records show the voluminous bulk of graft cases filed against erring publics officials and employees. The Napoles scandal remains burning to this day. Sub standard projects, uncompleted and abandoned by contractors, white elephant projects are reported by the media every now and then. The legislative and judiciary branches of government are rigged by the tentacles of corruption.

The results of the elections here in Zamboanga City indicated clearly that we are really seeking an urgent change - a change in the ways of our public servants, their lifestyle, character and attitude. The change must be done in every one of us if we want to attain the main objective of the Duterte mission. Peace and prosperity is all what change exactly means.

However, no matter how much effort the new administration will exert to attain the goal, but if we refuse to be changed, we prefer to keep clinging to the old ways and attitude,  it’s useless. All efforts are in vain. The whole struggle is an exercise in futility.

One good example: the farmer of today will be the same farmer of tomorrow. When there’s no rain, no water, it’s miserable. When there’s heavy rain, too much water, it’s miserable just the same.

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