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Friday, 08 July 2016 13:24



Alarmed by the spate of “drug executions”, the Commission on Human Rights will investigate cases of alleged extra-judicial killings of suspected drug dealers in several provinces, particularly Quezon. In three days (July 1-3), at least 13 suspected drug traffickers have been summarily executed in Lucena and Tayabas. In Candelaria, a man in the police drug watch list was shot and killed by a lone gunman.

President Duterte has vowed a relentless drive against illegal drugs, as he ordered the police to rid the country of drug traders and other criminals. He also encouraged the civilians to take active participation in his crime drive.

From January to June, six suspected drug dealers were killed in alleged gun battles with policemen in Quezon province. A total of 839 (and still counting) people were arrested and at least P15 million (and rising) worth of shabu, marijuana and cocaine were seized.

In another development, the police brass have warned their own men who are coddling drug rings to stop what they’re doing or be chased down.

The president has promised to erase illegal drugs, criminality and corruption during his incumbency. Mission almost impossible.

Still the biggest news so far is the accusation by the president himself that five police generals, one retired, are allegedly coddling drug lords. An investigation is ongoing.

In the mountain province, when the clock strikes 10 every night, stores and pubs selling beer and liquor close down. Women conduct nightly patrols to help implement curfew, and the liquor ban starts every 10 p.m.

In another front, the armed forces still classifies the New People’s Army as an enemy of the state pending its return to the negotiating table.nyhe government also want to talk peace with Muslim rebels.

In Muntinlupa, two drug personalities were shot dead by lawmen. They were killed allegedly while in police custody and handcuffed to each other. In Manila, a drug peddler was killed in a buy-bust operation. Two others were also shot by unknown assailants.

ABS-CBN network, in an editorial by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, reported that at least 29 drug and robbery suspects have been killed in Bulacan province alone since June 30. As per records of the Philippine National Police, at least 25 drug suspects were killed in police operations across the country from June 16-20 alone. Topping that, 22 suspected drug-related killings outside police operations were reported from May 14 to June 30.

The PDI editorial concludes: “... What should concern us, even those we support the Duterte administration’s anti-crime and anti-corruption policies to the full, is that these killings are exactly that kind of shortcuts that dampen criminality for a time before it comes roaring back to life. Why? Because when guns are what determine justice, the criminals can simply purchase more firepower in the future.”

By the way, who’s fighting inflation that has picked up to a 14-month high of 1.9 percent in June on higher food and beverage prices?

This is Rogue Nation. Will President Duterte maintain the same resolve of erasing evil men and the evil things that they do? I am optimistic that he will defeat with praiseful dispatch the forces of evil which number in the hundreds of thousands. Mission possible?

He will throw the full might of the police and military at them just like Napoleon did against the army of Viscount Wellington. It won’t be a classic battle against criminals that Mr. Duterte will fight. He will systematically weaken the criminals, if not eradicate them completely, as did Douglas MacArthur against the Japanese and Winston Churchill against the Axis power in Europe.

Duterte’s strength will depend largely on the alliance between law enforcers and the people. Fighting the forces of satan isn’t easy. So help as God!