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Sunday, 10 July 2016 14:36

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Oooh, shucks! Grabe. (Grievous). Have to start all over again. From surfing the net for newsworthy stories to writing. Already on my 3rd item earlier, brownout strikes. Exasperating. Previous efforts gone to waste – deleted.

No amount of effort to shape SS early yesterday, proved successful to catch up with the opening of the ASUS Computers Shop at the 2nd floor of the KCC Mall.

But based on the remaining developments seen by WS upon late arrival showed the occasion was held in grandiose fashion – balloons, decors, finger food preparations, the number of guests and all.

Welcome, ASUS Computers Shop and congratulations to its operators, the family Gan.

* * * *

The Duterte life-force is working wonders in the entire country. In terms of druggists neutralization and volunteer surrenderees, success permeates.

In Baliwsasan, through the efforts of Barangay Chair Aimie Cabato with the help of purok leaders, the number of drug offenders now willing to yield has bulged. From a measly first batch of only 30 signed up in police official forms, the number has now reached 70. And still counting.

By appointed Monday surrender day, subject figure is expected to increase even more.

Not that she is my daughter, the determination of the young and petite Bali Chair exudes. Keep up the good work, Aimie. We are proud of you, no doubt.

* * * *

From to a cow, now to one’s own daughter. This is a world gone mad, or so it seems. We refer to an aged man of 50 who lusted over a cow, now at age 44, another oldie rapes own 13-year old child.

Chief Insp. Arlan Delumpines, Divisoria Police Station chief, identified the suspect as Ernesto Santos y De Leon.

Initial investigation disclosed that Santos arrived home drunk and called his daughter to his bedroom, and told her to massage him. When there, Santos abused her under threat.

Good think, an aunt – sister of the named rapist – noticed the incident, and reported the matter to their mother.

And when reported to the police, the girl confirmed the sexual assault.

He deserves hanging.

* * * *

At last, ex-President BS Aquino faces various formal charges.

Charged with him is ex Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

The charges span from technical malversation, stemming from the implementation of the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), born of mismanagement of public funds and graft and corruption.

It will be recalled, the Supreme Court (S C) has declared the DAP illegal in July 2014 and affirmed its ruling in February 2015 on grounds that the Constitution does not allow agencies to declare savings at any time and transfer the money to another branch of government.

The Supreme Court ruling against the DAP pointed out that unreleased appropriations and withdrawn and unobligated allotments under the DAP were not savings, and the use of such appropriations contravened Section 25(5), Article VI of the 1987 Constitution.

Aside from technical malversation, Aquino and Abad were also accused of usurpation of legislative powers as well as graft and corruption. And the high tribunal left open the possibility of the “authors” of DAP being held liable for malversation of funds.

Former deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte, however downplayed the complaint, saying it was not surprising.

She labeled it as clearly part of their continuing harassment of a president who refused to be cowed by their chest-beating during his entire term.

* * * *

TMT reports, “With 75 percent of drug transactions reportedly conducted from the national penitentiary, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is “seriously considering” shipping two convicted drug traders to an island prison where it would be impossible for them to continue drug trafficking operations in the country.

Duterte said Wu Tuan alias Peter Co and Herbert Colangco alias Ampang had been directing the operations of their respective drug syndicates from the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila).

A third alleged drug trader, Peter Lim, is out of the country, and was warned by the President not to come back or be killed.

The President on Thursday revealed that Co, an alleged drug triad member operating in Luzon and Metro Manila, and Colangco, who reportedly has links to the Parojinog drug syndicate and Kuratong Baleleng gang, received protection from retired police general Marcelo Garbo Jr.

Garbo was among the five police generals named by the President on Tuesday as protectors of drug syndicates. He has denied the allegation.”

Accordingly, the idea of sending these high profile convicts to an island prison is to ensure there are no cellular phone signals for them to continue plying their illicit trade.

Poser. Are there no more prison officials left for government to have to resort to that system?


And what about the present authorities in Bilibid? Ansina ya lang? (Just that way?) Free of any liability for having clearly played deaf-mute to the unchecked conduct of the the illegal drug trade from inside prisons wall?


They are as free as the birds.