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Monday, 11 July 2016 14:23

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

This piece could be another quickie today. Having already missed an important Eagles Club event this morning, can’t afford to miss this noon’s - birthday bash of WM Eagle-3 Gov. Pierre Macapil at his residence in Villa Sta. Maria. And at the moment it’s way past 11 am. Have to move fast.

The first activity missed was the turnover of material assistance to Sta. Catalina fire victims that consisted of slightly used clothings, sacks of rice, bottles of mineral water and such other goodies like noodles, sugar and the like.

Tomorrow, a group of Eagle Club members will motor off to Ipil to attend the induction of its new set of officers, and a couple of new recruits. Turning over the reins of leadership is then Ipil Mayor and now Sibugay Vice Governor Win Alibutdan.

From there, some members will proceed to neighboring Pagadian City for a similar affair.

* * * *

Hey, can’t tell how the sentence indention of this piece will look upon posting. Strange. This is the second time, this ever happened to my draft writeup. While the defect was corrected at first, this time, I am unable to change it.

At where this piece is being drafted, it appears its sentence indention has been constricted by a little over an inch to the left.  Hope it would not show when posted. Can’t tell at the moment.

* * * *

An alleged drug pusher was shot to death by two gunmen at the Bunkhouse in Taluksangay a week after his surrender to the police and barangay officials.

At first reading of the story, WS entertained the feeling that this development might tend to discourage other reluctant surrenderees.

Having already surrendered, and yet killed may make no sense of still yielding. These were the wrong impressions. One, having surrendered, drug suppliers might suspect him to turn squealer. “Aaaah…Bang!”, so quipped Duterte of a college bully. Two, now confirmed that he is a druggist, he became a live target of law enforcers. Again, “Aaaah…Bang!”

But no, reading further, it was learned - per a DZT  report- earlier, before he was shot and killed, Kallung sold “tawas” to some drug users saying that it was shabu. Hence, “Aaaah…Bang

Suerte kay ansina gale (Good it turned out that way.) Otherwise, the earlier feared misconceptions could have damaged some the surrender program of government that is to be gaining headway.

* * * *

Here, too is another item (TMT this time) that may tend to draw a misconception, too. President Rodrigo Duterte said that he does not consider the Abu Sayyaf as “criminals,” even as he repeatedly warned the group that it will soon face the consequences of its actions.

“I am not including Abu Sayyaf in criminality. You’ve never hear (sic,”d”) me say that they are criminals,” the President said Friday in his speech at the Muslim Hariraya Eid’l Fitr celebration held at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

Cosa ba gayot, pues? (What then is the true score?)

But let’s not yet judge. Here is the clarification made by Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella. “He (The President) was just trying to explain the context of what the ASG had done. Basically, he’s saying that these are people who already have become desperate but he will not allow (or) let their actions to continue,” Abella said in an interview with state-run dzRB”.

Having read that… Friends, with that elucidation, are you convinced?

WS is not. Babaw naman. (Too shallow, it sounds.)

WS was reluctant at first to brand the Abus criminal, per se as not one out there has yet been convicted.

But the Free Dictionary defines the word, criminal, as “crim•i•nal (krim’?-n?l) adj. 1. Of, involving, or having the nature of crime: criminal abuse.

2. Relating to the administration of penal law.”

Then what else are them in yonder hills?, cowboys normally say.

* * * *

It’s 12.30 noon. Pencils up.