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Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:53

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

SS comes to you today all the way from out of Ipil, and right after penning this piece, it’s hello Pagadian.

Pues, alam na (It’s a given, then). One more quickie this time.

And tomorrow, SS just might not see print. Have to hie back Zambo for a a casual talk with PPA big boss, Eagle Kuya Bert dela Rosa.

* * * *

Although not all signed-up surenderees in Baliwasan appeared at the appointed time to yield, there was a good batting average still.

This was the feedback from allies of Bali Chair Aimie Cabato.

A total of  seventy two (72) rounded up drugsters, they said, surrendedred themselves to the police yesterday.

They were escorted to Paseo del Mar personally by Aimie herself, along with a couple of  barangay tanods. She expressed gratitude to City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin  Agbulos and City Engineer Luis Despalo, who at a moment’s notice, each lent service vehicles to help shepherd the surrenderees.

72 surrendedrees is believed to have been the highest in count yesterday. Power up, Aimie.

* * * *

In DZT, Atty. Mauricio Batas writes – “Retired police general Marcelo Garbo has to answer an expose which appears to have been made against him in Facebook allegedly by former Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, which claims, in so many words, that he refused to involve the Philippine National Police in the fight against illegal drugs, apparently on the bidding of people in power in 2010-2012, under the term of President Aquino.”

If true, the allegation is believable. And on top of these people in power is then Pres. BS Aquino, III.

Batas said, “ … these are people expected to protect their constituents against illegal drugs.

For those who missed Garcia’s supposed Facebook post, I am reprinting it here, in the interest of public service, to await Garbo’s answer,”

WS does the same, but for limited space, only these opening statements were all there is to know is found there.., Garcia - “In my second term as Governor of Cebu, I chaired the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) of Region 7. One RPOC meeting, I remember having a spirited exchange of words with then Assistant Regional Director Garbo.

“I had asked that PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency), the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and the PNP (Philippine National Police) join hands in our total all-out war against illegal drugs. Surprisingly, Garbo refused.

“He said it was PDEA’s problem, not the PNP’s. Notably, neither PDEA nor the AFP agreed with him. On my third term, in December of 2012, PNoy (President Aquino) issued a patently illegal six-month suspension order against me. It was conveniently five (5) months prior to the May 2013 elections.”

* * * *

A related piece – “President Benigno Aquino 3rd knew of the 23 mayors who protected illegal drug syndicates… Dionisio Santiago, former director general of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA),” said on Monday.

Santiago, who also served as chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said Aquino and his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa Jr., were given a list of local government officials linked to the illegal drug trade. The same list  he added is now in the hands of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte had said that he will name these mayors in due time.

“He further said, the list bore names “like Amante, Alcala, Asistio, Ablan, Cuenca and Soon,” No family names, though were cited.

He, however said cases were filed against the mentioned individuals but that government allegedly lost the cases.

Really? Cases like those are headline-hugging stuffs, and would have rocked the country. But no, this now seems as a  thundering silence.

Has anyone come across that?

To WS, no! Have you?

* * * *

Water rationing? Strange. The rains are here, yet local water authorities speak receding water level at the city’s water dam.

What gives?

* * * *

De loko ya (Of madness). More anti-climatic rethorics surface. Conflict is reportedly brewing between Malacañang and some lawmakers as Solicitor General Jose Calida told police on Monday that they can ignore a congressional investigation of the rising number of drug-related killings.

Just as the campaign against the illegal starts revving up, comes these crazy news hungry persons.

Let the campaign propel to greater heights, men.