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Friday, 15 July 2016 12:06

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato


Re-printing hereunder the brief message posted on my fb timeline of WS to explain absence of SS yesterday.

“As stated yesterday (that was the other day), SS may not see print today. And true to form, it does (did) not. Have to hie off back Zambo to get to meet with PPA manager Kuya Bert dela Rosa on a personal matter.

At the moment, am on board a vehicle leaving Ipil town.

Several points were to be written, particularly on the South China Sea, to us the West Phil. Sea on the International (o) Court decision. But it’s truly hard grinding essays on a cp. So, suffice it to (say), this is as far as we can go.

Till tomorrow, guys. God bless us all.”

As re-printed, “Several points were to be written, particularly on the South China Sea, to us the West Phil. Sea International (o) Court decision. ..”

That was what I thought. But, no. Developments thereto now seem to have turned over-recycled. This brief report of The Standard (TS) tells all. “China warned its rivals Wednesday against turning the South China Sea into a “cradle of war” and threatened to establish an air defense zone there, after its claims to the strategically vital waters were declared invalid.

The surprisingly strong and sweeping ruling by a UN-backed tribunal in The Hague provided powerful diplomatic ammunition to the Philippines, which filed the challenge, and other claimants in their decades-long disputes with China over the resource-rich waters.

China reacted furiously to Tuesday’s decision, insisting on its historical rights over the sea.

Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told reporters in Beijing as he described the ruling as waste paper.”

It’s going to troublesome. Madugo. (Bloody).

Need we say more of it?

* * * *

Friend Boboy Shinn in the LA Zamboanga Times quoted presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella, to have said, “Zamboanga City mayor Beng Salazar and the city’s 98 barangay captains would most likely be investigated for “serious neglect of duty” due to the number of drug surrenderees and drug-related crimes in their areas of responsibilities.

“It’s basically area management. If this is your area, that’s your area of responsibility,” Abella said.

There is one point, though that Abella obviously missed out on. Between the two sets of executives, there is a hell lot of difference.

The barangay officials are pisuhs, (Chicks) - pushovers, patsies, comparing their powers to those of the mayor’s. The Mayor, under the 1991 Local Government Code, has clout over the police and the military as well as billions of pesos at his/her - her as the case is in this city - disposition.

Capitan - bokya, si tiene man. (Zero, little, if at all).

One more thing, barangay executives are limited in the privilege of carrying firearms. Over and above that, their barangay tanods are barred from wielding higher-powered arms, to include long firearms.

How can they then be expected to fight the well-armed drug lords, suppliers and pushers?

Pisuh lang sos, Doy, na pelea encontra droga illegal. (They are mere hatchlings and lackeys, Boy, in fighting illegal sale of drugs.

Cosa ya tamen tu, Parekuy. (How comic of you, Lad.)

WS says, the liability in the proliferation of illegal drugs here stops with the Mayor.

* * * *

According to City Legal Officer Jesus C. Carbon Jr., the possibility of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founder NurMisuari’s acquittal from rebellion and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) charges is not remote if President Duterte so orders.

Carbon, however did not cite the basis for the presumed order.

And coming as it does from a veteran luminary, WS is in awe. Thus, offering an inquiry, is the president that powerful to go above the law?

A further statement that when the witnesses will not anymore testify in the reinvestigation of the cases relative to the Zamboanga siege in September 2013, WS offers no question. of his assumption, Having no witnesses to talk , case over.

That is what is not remote.

* * * *

This appears to be the briefest piece ever. Had to start writing late, and deadline nears.

‘Til, the next edition, God bless us all.

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