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Saturday, 16 July 2016 12:01

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Drug abusers, beware!

The local police under the proddings of the Duterte administration has become emboldened.

Under threat of being relieved at the least, and at the most even removed from office, they are delivering.

The latest developments — Two more drug suspects were shot dead by police in separate buy-bust operations in this city.

Police said that men of the Ayala Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Karib Muharram conducted a buy-bust operation targeting Eduardo Alima alias Mayor, a known drug pusher in the area. However during the operation, Alima sensed the presence of the lawmen and grabbed his 45 caliber pistol, aimed at the police operatives and squeezed the trigger.

The police said that Alima’s gun jammed, but continued squeezing the trigger prompting the lawmen to shoot back.

Good work, Chief. But, a jammed .45 cal. Pistol - being squeezed repeatedly without cocking it’s trigger or re-loading?

Just a poser… , je je je.

Whatever, it was neat job anyway. Carry on, gentlemen.

Next. In Arena Blanco, Ando Abdurahman y Kasam was about to be arrested by men of the Tetuan Police Station but resisted, firing at the lawmen who retaliated by  firing back killing him.

Two of his companions who were seen in the house during the operation, were invited to the police station for they were seen in the house during the operation.

There was yet another one. in Sta. Catalina last Monday night, Abdulasis Alibasa alias Asis was shot and killed by policemen after he resisted arrest during a buy bust operation.

On the last two operations, there was no mention of the manner how the victims resisted arrest nor with what guns they resisted.

* * * *

The total score of drugsters killed since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte, has reached 200, according to statistics. All were killed in intensified police operations against illegal drugs.  No clear mention was made if the number is a compilation of all incidents accross the country. Only a few towns were mentioned.

But WS believes the figures is incomplete. Incidents in Western Mindanao were not included in the list, but the figure stated only three (3) killed. Clearly, based on news reports, in Zamboanga alone — a part of Western Mindanao — the number is well over three (3).

A total of 35,276 drug suspects surrendered, while 8,110 were arrested on drug offenses. A total of 6,478 cases have been filed before prosecutors, police said.

Authorities maintain, those killed had engaged law enforcers in shootouts or, in at least one recent case, attempted to wrest away weapons from police officers.

Ows… Whatever, the job is getting done.

* * * *

That Congressman Celso Lobregat has an open line to the Duterte administration is getting to be noticed more and more.

Whereas so many are having difficulty in earning invitations for a talk with Duterte, only days in office, Lobregat was openly received in the Palace of Mindanao in Davao City.

Noticed to have had hardship for an audience with the president, include a top campaign donor, Apollo Quiboloy and the MILF hierarchy.

Recently, Cong. Lobregat was reported to have graced the oath-taking rites of newly installed Interior and Local Government Secretary Michael Sueño.

On that occasion he was seen to have bantered with PNP top honcho Lt. Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

And much earlier, he had met with incoming  House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

With such smooth relations, we can expect Zamboanga to amass what is due the city in terms of projects and such other benefits.

Add to that Lobregat’s designation as liaison officer to the Palace by his colleagues in the region’s congressional bloc.

* * * *

Barely days after leading office, former President BS Aquino and his Budget are now nightmares. Reports say that documentation for their illegal acts is very much available now.

Most of the cases they stemmed from DAP that involved 1,997 SAROs or Special Allotment Release Orders, bearing written instructions for the National Treasury to release funds for specific programs and projects.

While these were signed by Abad or his deputy then, Mario Relampagos, both would claim that this was authorized by Aquino and they would show the four memoranda Aquino signed, which approved the release of funds, such as the June 25, 2012 memorandum that hijacked funds for the use of his home province Tarlac.

The reports add, Aquino would therefore be accountable and criminally liable for the release of all the 1,977 illegal SAROs .

Since the Supreme Court ruled the DAP unconstitutional, each SARO violated Article IV, Section 29 of the Constitution: “No money shall be paid out of the Treasury except in pursuance of an appropriation made by law.” The projects the SAROs Aquino ordered to be financed from the budget were not in any of the budget laws from 2010 to 2013.

SARO would be an instance of technical malversation, and for each, Aquino would be charged under Article 220 of the Revised Penal Code:

* * * *

Something is cooking. “Dayaang Matuwid”, that’s what. There was a clandestine meeting between Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista in a Makati condominium just hours after the Supreme Court had asked the camp of the Vice President to reply to charges of poll fraud by vice presidential candidate and former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.?

The face-to-face meeting between Robredo and Bautista on the evening of July 12 in the condominium owned by the Comelec chairman’s in-laws has exploded in social media and raised suspicions of a whitewash.

The encounter was seen surreptitious due the two the manner the two personalities left the condo, one after the other in a 4-minute timed interval, with Robredo ahead. Clearly it was  intended to be held in secrecy.

It was not clear, however, who initiated the meeting and how long it lasted.

Already caught on camera, yet both Robredo and Bautista denied ever meeting secretly. It was on that video that the word “Dayaang Matuwid” coined. the Facebook post showing the two of them each arriving and leaving separately was described as “malicious”.