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Sunday, 17 July 2016 15:09

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Here are some more developments for drugsters who continue to indulge in their illicit trade — using and pushing drugs — to think about seriously, and start mending ways while there is still time.

Not wanting to either be relieved, at the least from their respective posts and possibly even from the service itself, the local police continue to deliver.

Ten more were arrested as the crackdown against illegal drugs intensifies.

At dawn on Wednesday at Ortega St., a team of Tetuan Police Station conducted a buy-bust operation that netted one Celso Bayabos y Tiamwat, 34, married and his companion Jairulla Habibulla y Hal. Confiscated from their possession were two sachets of suspected shabu and marked money.

The suspects were detained at the Tetuan Police Station.

A day before that at about 3:30 p.m. July 12, SAIDSOTF members of Police Station 6 led by Asdai (The report did not mention his name and rank. But WS can only assume he is PS Chief Nonito, the Police Chidef himself) nabbed Jose Estrada y Binarao, 55, of Gaganacruz Drive, Mampang, Alvin Barrera y Ramillano, 45, of Pioquinto Drive, Mampang and Robert Falcis y Benito at Gagaracruz Drive, Mampang, after they were caught in the act indulging in  a shabu pot session.

Meanwhile, PO3 Janer A.Aliudin, duty officer at Zambowood COMPAC, together with Bimbo Namla, Abdulkadi Namca, Makmak Lajabangsa and ImbiNamla, all members of SALAAM organization and two Tanods Hernan V. Tercena and Vicente Rico conducted to the Divisoria Police Station Ricky Atilano Catadman 31, of San Roque, for possession of suspected shabu.

And around 10p.m. July 13, members of Sangali Police Station’s SAIDSOTF led by Sr. Insp. Chester Natividad, under Chief Insp. Gary Bahoy conducted a buy-bust operation, resulting in the arrest of  Muhaimin Abubakar y Mohammad, 25, married and Suhud Abubakar y Mohammad, 29.

And Prowess Bernardo y Mendoza, 36, of Advent Home, Ayala and Jerwin Bucoy y Molina, 21, of La Paz were arrested in a checkpoint manned by the Ayala policemen in Recodo.

* * * *

The same warning holds true for barangay officials. It has turned out, among the drugsters who continue to indulge in the illicit trade - using and/pushing drugs - are some of them, a barangay captain and two kagawads.

Liga President, Councilor Jerry Perez made this disclosure as he warned other barangay leaders to refrain from patronizing shabu because random drug testing in their barangays will continue.

With that, they, too, should think seriously of it, and start mending ways while there is still time.

Perez did identify the officials, but WS keeps his silence on it, believing that one of the kagawads was in to it only very recently and for a few scanty times. That was when he started having problems with his wife, who had stopped going home. Out of despair, he partook of it. Not truly an addict, it will be easy now to stay away from drugs

The Abu Sayyaf continues its atrocities not only in Basilan, but in Sulu as well.

In Indanan, gunmen believed to be members of the Abu Sayyaf killed three marines in an ambush in, Maj. Filemon Tan Jr., Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom) spokesman, disclosed.

The slain soldiers, who were  not named belonged to the Field Artillery Battalion attached to the Marine Battalion Landing Team-10 (MBLT-10).

The victim-soldiers were not geared for battle as they were simply on an errand to procure provisions when Abu Sayyaf suspects ambushed them.

He said troops from the MBLT-10 rushed to the ambush site but did not catch up with the suspects.

This reminds WS of the initial promised words of Pres. Duterte - “The Abu Sayyaf will have their day of reckoning.”

Apparently, however, he has shifted tact to diplomacy, and it has been sixteen (16) days since he assumed office, until now the day hasn’t come, as the militants continue having their heydays in creating hostilities.

Cuando, cuando, cuando?

* * * *

Now, which policemen or other law enforcers will hesitate taking orders President Rodrigo Duterte?

Take this for leverage, when he declared that he is taking full responsibility for the killing of suspected drug traffickers and users by them.

Elaborating, Duterte bared, he is “ultimately and legally responsible for it [killing].”

In the process, Duterte brushed away demands that due process be given to policemen accused of involvement in the drug trade as well as the other drug suspects.

He then distinguished his functions to those of the judiciary, saying that it is the judiciary that should give due process.

In sarcasm, the President said that if he were to give due process, it will be drug suspects he would summon to Malacañang.

Repeat, “Now, which policemen or other law enforcers will hesitate taking orders from President Rodrigo Duterte?

Here is more. Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Friday said welcomes the creation of vigilante groups that will also join the police in their intensified campaign against illegal drug syndicates.

He told reporters that he is giving importance to the organization, mobilization and involvement of citizens in the fight against the drug menace.

The PNP chief likened these groups to the Alsa Masa in Davao City that was organized during the 1980s to counter the threat and growing influence of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Davao region.

“Just like the Alsa Masa in Davao, but this time it will be an Alsa Masa against [illegal] drugs,” dela Rosa said.

He added that a lot of people are willing to help the police carry out their anti-drug campaign but they need to be organized. (TMT-fed)

* * * *

Two known and respected Jonathan personalities here on separate recent days celebrated their birthdays commemorating different occasions.

For the 41st birthday of Rev. Fr. Jonathan Berdejo, the assistant parish priest of St. Ignatius de Loyola Parish, it marked his temporary absence in this city as he was set to depart for Spain to go on schooling.

For S/Sup Jonathan Perez, who once served as OIC-Chief of the City Policed Office, on 14th July it was his 56th birthday, the mandatory age for retirement in the police service, holding a rank equivalent to the miliyary’s full-fledged Colonel.

Both Fr. Berdejo and S.Sup Perez celebrated the occasion in their respective place of abode.

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