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Tuesday, 19 July 2016 14:14

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

After a few weeks in my hometown of Lapuyan, Zamboanga Del Sur, “cradle of Subanen culture” in the country, Table Talk is back with new stories, information and developments.

Zamboanga Del Sur Governor, Antonio “Tony” H. Cerilles offered me a task which I have just accepted after my retirement  from government service, which is a prerogative of the Provincial Governor and does not in any way hamper my retirement age. This was confirmed by the chief of the Provincial Human Resource Management (HRM) Madame Connie Abang. I am back to comply with some required employment documents.and once complete, Table Talk might spend more time in a month in Pagadian City,  Zamboanga Del Sur. Table Talk might get lost in Daily Zamboanga times for some time but with a laptop issued to me by Governor Tony Cerilles, Table Talk will still see print and write in every vacant moment we will have.

* * * * * *

Surprisingly, Governor Cerilles is abreast with the city’s development, practically in all issues. Having resided in Zamboanga city for almost a decade when he was an undefeated Regional Assemblyman of the defunct Regional Government of the Autonomous Government of Region 9, Governor Cerilles made many friends that keep him well informed about the city’s development. His true character of a strong leader oftentimes is misunderstood by those who envy his political will and love of his province and Mindanao. Christians, Muslims and I.P. local government officials, who have joined and accepted his brand of leadership, are all undefeated in their municipalities and many like the governor and his wife, Honorable Aurora Enerio Cerilles, Congress Representative of Zamboanga Del Sur’s District 1, ran unopposed during the recently concluded  national presidential election. Governor Tony Cerilles is a true party-man for the sake of the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur and its people.

* * * * * *

Table Talk publicly expresses  gratitude to Governor Cerilles for the new assignment he has offered and for the trust and confidence. Indeed, the governor believes that in serving the public, age is not a barrier, for as long as a senior citizen can come up with what is expected of him to perform. The fact is, Governor Tony Cerilles “jumped the gun ahead” on his Excellency President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s plan to implement the “no age limit in employment”. Governor Tony Cerilles is already implementing the plan today. As an experienced public servant, Table Talk having served Zamboanga City during the incumbency of the late City Mayor Ma’am Caling Lobregat and now Zamboanga Del Sur Provincial Government under Governor Tony Cerilles,  will not fail him and make good to the Governor’s expectation of public service and perhaps do more. Zamboanga City and Zamboanga Del Sur are closely related historically. The only difference is after so many stages of modernization, the outlook and attitude have changed, but the character remains the same.

This is a fact that cannot be contested.

* * * * * *

In another issue, the PNP’s  “Oplan tuktukhan” (a Cebuano abbreviation for tuktuk Hangyo, English for knock the door and appeal)  for suspected drug pushers and users, an operation totally supported by the Local Government Units (LGU) is gaining ground in the province. Thousands of suspected drug users and pushers have given up and promised to reform and signed covenants with the local police units in Zamboanga Del Sur. In a span of few days, it seems majority of drug users and pushers have come out to face and confess their alarming vice in using dangerous and addicting drugs which has been noted to be the real cause of petty crimes. This is good news for many families in Zamboanga Del Sur and perhaps also in Zamboanga City because it has given everybody “piece of mind”. President Duterte must continue the drive of not “sparing the rod and spoil the child, to recidivists drug users and pusherd” until the country will be cleansed of this menace.

* * * * * *

The death of some drug addicts and pushers is tolerable for as they say “better to bleed plenty in one day than bleed everyday”. Great men believes in that alternative for goodness’ sake. This will be the answer to the old phrase of “barking dog seldom bites”, for once a dog has to bite and be a guard dog not always a pet dog.

* * * * * *

Scoop: No smoking in public and government areas is already strictly implemented in many municipalities in Zamboanga Del sur. Especially in Integrated Bus Terminals of the province and even small municipalities. As a precautionary measures to all smokers who are travelling, beware of this implementation so you will not be embarrassed when accosted by he local police in the province and municipalities. Agree or disagree.



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