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Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:39

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Sorry, friends, SS went missing yesterday with no prior notice for the reason as in previous times. It so happened yesterday (Tuesday) was the maiden session of the City Council, son Boday’s baptism of fire so WS would not want to let that day pass without witnessing the event. Had to attend it, as he so did.

Except that for a significant number of raves that came my way during lunch that ensued, on how Boday fared on his inaugural address, WS leaves to the judgment of those who were able to view the live telecast of the activity.

The offered acclamations were voiced by SP employees, to this combined effect, “Dol el Tata man” (Seems like, he sounded like the father).

Not my profession - theirs.

And one stirringly mistaken notion that came cum praise was that from friend Jun “Pencing” Felicano. He said, “Bale el speech (Splendid speech.), then threw a naughty smile my way.

Getting his message-notion, WS quipped, “No. Jun, in fairness, he never solicited my advice on what to say, the speech was entirely his.”

Jun got the surprise of his day, nay life, though.

* * * *

The highlights now on the inaugural session yesterday(Tuesday). While no principals, will admit it, but the Lobregat-Climaco discord simmered.

Speaking ahead, Mayor Beng Climaco threw the first punch. The evident punch — the request for a blanket to fund infrastructure projects. She said she never requested for one in that she respects the authority of the legislative body, and that the utilization of the blanket eliminates the principle of  check and balance in government transactions.

And everybody knows Lobregat has been wielding that power in the most part of his nine years in the service as local chief executive.

But as a long time council member, having served during in most part of Lobregat’s nine years as mayor, WS remembers his request for the blanket authority was anchored on expediency in prosecuting projects. That was all. Justified. Say you?

When Cong. Celso Lobregat took his turn immediately right after - with his gun already cocked, he simply fired away.

Using the defeat of ex-Councilor Percival Ramos, he enumerated the sins the latter harped on during the campaign, elaborately with powerpoint presentations.

First was the Masepla road, built way ahead the mandated council approval, sans bidding.

Next was the described anomalous over-priced cooked up purchase of a mobile clinic to have cost the city a whopping P36 million unit. Lobregat attributed its later cancelation to the vigilance of Ramos. Ramos had revealed, the mobile clinic costs only about P7 million per his research.

Then came in the hastily presented 9 multi-million pesos no-bidding contracts, a day before the election ban was to be enforced, anchoring on supposed emergency needs.

But Lobregat moved to disprove the alleged need of emergency actions.

One of the projects to be built was a high school building, the site of which, Lobregat showcased as unprepared, as it needed site improvement.

What emergency is there?, he queried.

And friends, any Juan del Cruz or Talpulano (Tom, Dick or Harry) know, an emergency need arises only when  lives or properties are in danger of loss or damage.

Likewise, in snipe remarks to discredit the present administration, he centered on the lowered ranking of Zamboanga City in the Competitiveness Index among Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs).

He disclosed that from number 15 in year 2015, Zamboanga has dropped to number 32, this year. He sunk rating this year, he bared has dropped in ranking in all three pillars of measurement for the said program.

Now, aren’t those bombs!

In any case, both protagonists were set to hit each other, no matter who started it yesterday Lobregat and Climaco both had ready speeches, surely all tirades were a-coming.

* * * *

Then there were two. Baliwasan Chair Aimie Cabato is done with her investigation on the Baliwasan Kagawad largely believed to be in on the illicit drug trade. It turned out, indeed the police were already hot on their tracks.  This surfaced during a meeting arranged by the hard-working youngster of a village chief between  the two in the presence of the officials of two Tumba Droga. And the two operatives revealed, their past movements were indeed under surveillance, but no hard evidence was traced to them, believing that when  their moves were sensed, duo’s nefarious activities stopped instantaneously.

So, in the kagawads’ presence, Aimie pleaded to the Tumba Droga operators to continue their monitoring, telling her two kagawads that if ever, one or the other will be caught, she will lift no finger to help them.

* * * *

‘Twas a hectic day today, with late and interrupted writing. Thus, we end it today, here. God bless us all.