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Sunday, 24 July 2016 14:55

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Writing time late as is at 7 to 11 am, this piece today would again be very brief. Have to do some tasks upon request of daughter Capitan, Aimie, then hurry back to Brent Hospital where wife Lily was taken ill last night due to rise in blood pressure.

* * * *

As a supportive father, since two kids started holding responsible government posts — one a city councilor, Boday, the other a barangay chief, Aimie, — WS began having busier days to the point of missing his regular brisk walking workouts in the hilly barangays of Pasonanca, Cabatangan and, at times at the breezy Golf beach, entering its vast golfing grounds. After which, move over to the session venues of the Monggueh Cabinet, such as Abalone, Lotus or Aristocrat, now including Food Paradise and a Lenin private domain.

Changes had to be made so that both the exercises and sessions would go on smoothly. Hus, at  certain times, daily or at times in brief intervals of a day or two, WS began hiking from abode to town, passing alternately the blowy Cawa Cawa Boulevard, San Jose Rd. or Canelar.

In taking RT Lim or Cawa Cawa Blvd, WS came to take notice of the sorry state of a long stretch of brick-tiled walkway. Starting in front of the Episcopal Church running all the way to the entrance of the wharf, its bricks are either pulverized or scaled off.

Whereas, from the Sangguniang Panglungsod Building to that worn-out portion, the brick tiles are intact, still in live red, well plastered and well arranged.

Was its construction awarded to and built by two different contractors or one and the same?

What gives?

Were the bricks supplied by different brokers or did its construction work simply paled of in quality?

We need answers from the Department of Public Works and Highways or the City Government, whichever funded the project.

* * * *

On the lighter side of matters. Presumptively, comic as is my Tukayuh (namesake), it was at his prompting that he was introduced as Jimmy “Bato” Villaflores upon entrance to the hall during the council’s maiden session.

WS holds no rancor nor doubts on his being a “rock”, tough. True to form, Kayuh Tulih, is.

Just one simple point, though. There was an earlier “Bato” in the City Council. Ehe, his Tukayuh Cabato.

And taking after his father, there is one other “Bato” in the City Council, uhum - Boday Ca”BATO”. He he he. Get the point? Fun time.

* * * *

Reading this story carried by TMT today, at first WS had the impression that he erred in saying yesterday that the Abu Sayyaf’s day of reckoning has not yet come. The story. “President Rodrigo Duterte wants to deploy up to 20,000 more soldiers to put an end to terrorist attacks and kidnappings of foreigners in Mindanao.”

Meeting with top military and police officials at the Armed Forces’ Western Mindanao headquarters in Zamboanga City, Duterte said more government troops are needed to put an end to “embarrassing” terrorism in the country.

“It started many, many years ago. It’s like we’re being slapped on the face, every time there is a foreigner executed or a local … it embarrasses the country,” the President said.

This certainly seemed to be the day of reckoning, yes, only minus the Duterte rhetorics. But read on. “One day we’ll just have to decide and one day we’ll just have to say, ‘we’ll finish everything.’ We can’t be slapped on the face like this every day,” he added.

See what WS meant?

Duterte was speaking of the future, not of today. The day of reckoning has yet to come. Repeat. “One day we’ll just have to decide and one day we’ll just have to say, ‘we’ll finish everything.’ We can’t be slapped on the face like this every day,” he added.

The massing of some 20,000 more soldiers then could only be meant he is still sending the signals for the bandits to voluntarily cease their Atrocities.

If they continue, that may be the time, ”… one day we’ll just have to say, ‘we’ll finish everything.”

Then and only then will the day of reckoning for the militants begin.