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Friday, 29 July 2016 14:44

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

The early morning shower today that followed the early dawn rainfall forced a change in schedule of Writing Sniper (WS), making him miss the morning Monggueh Cabinet session in a downtown cafeteria. But it did allow for an early net surfing for newsworthy items.

But my first cup of coffee for the day, after the research work, had to be taken in a hospital room, where wife Lily is again confined, very likely for just another two nights. Attending physician Maritess Maxino again did a splendid job containing wife’s blood pressure to a normal level. Thank God.

Had to sip my hot coffee there because the household percolator was brought along with her for convenience in whatever wife and daughter-watcher would wish to take while in the room.

It’s only 9:26 am, and it’s back to the keyboard for Sound Snipes (SS).

* * * *

The stalemate between and among members of the City Council, failing to agree on the different committee chairmanship assignments has Vice Mayor and certain Councilors worried over the stacking up of several matters referred to the corresponding committees that are not yet constituted.

It was reported earlier, of the 36 standing committees, 30 are already settled and only 6 remain hanging.

The crux of the matter then is simple – ambition and greed.

Nonong Santiago of ZT reports, that a source who asked not to be identified told Brigada News FM that six councilors, three from the yellow team and the other three from the red team, are eyeing to chair the same committees.

Let’s see then which and who remain adamant to covet the six remaining slots.

According to the source, Councilor Mike Alavar and Jihan Edding are eyeing the Committee on Agriculture, Councilors Rudy Bayot and Rudy Lim are interested to head the Committee on Education, while Councilors Benjamin Guingona and Rommel Agan want the Committee on Trade and Industry.

Let’s dissect the matter one by one, which in chabacano, they say, “slow by slow.”

Committee on Agriculture – Alavar vs. Edding. Both do seem adept to it. But questions surface. Who is the newcomer between the two? Who was the immediate past committee chair on Agriculture?

Answers. Clearly, friend Jihan is the newcomer, and the subject was Mike’s stranglehold, which was his main focus in his inaugural address.

Jihan, even if she is equally adept to task, to WS – so as not to jeopardize council responsibilities – Jihan, fair and square, had better give in.

Committee on Education – Rudy Lim against Another Rudy, Bayot. Both do seem competent in the field both were teachers. And same queries arise, Who is the newcomer between the two? Who was the immediate past committee chair on Agriculture?

Clearly, the returnee Lim is new. But neither was immediate past chairman on Education. However, in previous years, Lim was several times chair of subject committee. Above all, the committee in hearings will be dealing with educators, professionals, therefore not a laughing matter – not a circus, if you so wish to add – “hende ‘se yede” (That is not is not foul-smelling.) Under the circumstances, friend Bayot’s partymates must step in and do what is best for the council.

Need we say more?

Trade and Industry. Yes, a very juicy role, as its chairman gets to hold a seat in the Ecozone Board.

Contenders, BG Guingona as opposed to Meng Agan. Both on equal footing. Both old members. But who was the committee’s past chair occupant?

The answer is BG. BG has the upperhand.

Meng, Rudy B, Jihan, the ball in your respective courts. The council cannot be held captive, call to it adamance, nay ambition or greed.

Make your move.

We pause for a breather. Whew! Goodness gracious, thank God. While on this line already, tough luck almost struck. WS went over to the net operator where SS was being pounded, and asked if they were selling cell phone load. Answering in the negative, I said, “Bili muna ako load sa labas (I will buy load for a while.)

Upon return, WS noted the that unit in his use was turned off. Madre mia (Mother of mine,) my work was not unsaved! Re-opening the unit, discovery – the writeup was missing. Had to go over to the operator and complain. Good, it turned out, he is a proficient operator, he managed to retrieve the already pounded piece, as it happened WS was grinding this piece on a program fed by his USB. Praise God.

Back for the brushup. Two city dads, we understand, have shown the way. Jerry Perez, in spite of his having been a very active Peace and Order Committee Chair, exceptional in performance, has reportedly given way to Pinpin Pareja.

So did Teodyver, who gave way to Boday Cabato, who never asked for nor was ever insistent of the chairmanship on Disaster Preparedness Committee.

To both, WS salutes. Viva Jerry. Viva Teaodyver.

Time for the others to do their move, Release the council from the bondage of craving and voracity, Lady, Gentlemen, honorable as you all are.

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