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Sunday, 31 July 2016 14:35


BY Sarita Sebastian

Former US President Bill Clinton did a very good job when he recounted the other side of his wife Hillary Clinton, official candidate of the Democratic Party for the US Presidential Election this November.

It was cute of him to describe the girl he met in the spring of 1971 (Oh I was merely two years old ). He enumerated the various achievements of Hillary as a private citizen onwards to her being in the public office. What struck me was  the fact that really she was a “tough mama” in all aspects of her life, as a lawyer, wife, mother ,grandmother and public official.

She was a strong advocate for women and really did care for the welfare of children even as she was just starting her life after law school. As Senator of New York, the 9/11 incident was a big challenge for her to work for the good of the people most especially those directly affected and it has become part of her record which proved that she was a Real Government Official/Worker. Her stint as US Secretary of State was heavier in load, but she has proved her worth and accomplished a lot in policy matters.

It was then when former Pres. Clinton stressed the OPTION  of the  American people whether to choose for the “Real One” candidate or “Made up” Candidate. Well, given the fact that Democratic  Party’s official Presidential Candidate is his wife,  I’d say he did a good job in  “humanizing” Hillary which most, if not all , found it surprising.

Former Pres. Bill’s speech was powerful filled with facts and positively depicted his wife’s work values and ethics. Political analysts say he was able to touch the heart of the American people and even non Americans too, who were glued to TV while he was delivering his speech.

Yes. Values are Universal no matter what situation you are into. If you possess  good values,  nothing would go wrong, though it may be difficult as it may seem.

Records or facts can really make or break you. I always believe that no amount of charisma or “eching/echos”  can easily  convince people to buy your shits. You may succeed for a while, but then eventually you will succumb. This applies in every aspect of our lives, more so , if you are in the government service.

Yes The Real One and the Made up ones can be found everywhere, within the family, at your workplace or even among your peers. This is happening, for real.

Personally,  I’ve seen the real ones and made up ones or plainly the FAKE ONES. There are lots of them and it makes me want to puke most of the time as I see their theatrical acts.

In our city, for example, while some government officials and workers burn their midnight candles, if only to come up with plans and programs for implementation, ordinances or resolutions,  unfortunately others just  love to strut and blab. Worse there are those inflated with greediness and pride.

But I am still hopeful, most especially with Tatay Digong as the President that positive change will happen in our city. Constituents of this city must help our local leaders achieve what is best for our city. We cannot deny that some are already pessimistic about the whole thing, but you know what? Just give it a try and eventually you will know who the “real ones” and the “fake ones” are. Don’t forget this numbers 8888 complain hotline.  — Email me Sebastian.sarita@gmail.com