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Monday, 01 August 2016 14:50

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

This piece may come in very brief today as it comes more to explain its near absence. WS was beset with four (4) stumbling blocks:

1. Time element

2. USB malfunction. Completed research work for newsworthy items lost

3. Erratic calls from the Monggueh Cabinet calling off and on fiesta plans in Tetuan for visits to the homes of Nonie Dondoyano, George Yeo and Tuat “Tauwa” Gan. The former two recently underwent the knife. Nonie for bone ailment and George for throat’s. And both are doing well now. Tauwa, of course, is still undergoing therapy after suffering blood pressure surge some two years ago.

In the end, plan was just the same cancelled. And

4. Mid-way through my writeup, lights surprisingly zapped. Half-finished article lost.

Back to grinding now, but on a different feeder line close to home.

* * * *

The mettle of Baliwasan Barangay Chair was again put to test yesterday. It happened that in relation to the 2nd Police conduct of Oplan Tokhang in the ATO compound, some four days ago, there appeared a post on the Timeline of one Emmanuel JM Ianna Ellis, separated from the service as of now. Probably due to over-zealousness for achievements - with malice toward none - he must have must have mistakenly captioned his post of the operation, drawing the ire of some residents in the area. They angrily trooped to the barangay hall for confrontation. The Chair was not there as she was busy attending to some other matters outside and would only be free by 5 pm.

True enough, she was back by 5 as estimated and was apprised of the complaint. Wasting no time, in the company of two or three employees, she motored off to the lion’s den for the confrontation.

Per account of the escorting employees, she was met by an angry mob there. And three of them turned unruly raising their voices against the young and demure of a female village head.  Accordingly, she stood her ground. At first, patiently explaining the reason for her visit to the area. Getting nowhere, unruly as some in the crowd were, she gave out a shout. “Una cosa lang, escuiji.” (Only one thing, choose.)

Dos ese operacion del pulis.  “El unu ‘Oplan Tokhang’, como ayer. Katok na casa, apela que para ya manga illegal trabajo de droga. Aka-dos, ‘Double Barrel’, preso o bang bang.” (One is ‘Oplan Tokhang, like yesterday’s. They knock on doors, appeal for end to illicit drug trades. The second, Double Barrel, jail or bang bang.)

Then she shot the question, silencing the unruly ones, “Escuji. Tokhang anay o Double Barrel ya?” (Choose. Tokhang first or immediate Double Barrel?)

Eliciting only silence, that could only have meant assuaging of ill-feelings, she thanked them and bade them goodbye.

Voila! The following day, the police struck netting from the site one, that due to subsequent spillings, led to three other arrests elsewhere by early afternoon.

Prior to the likely October polls, she still has three more months as sister-successor to City Councilor Boday Cabato to prove her mettle.

In chabacano, they say, “Let us to see.”

Iron Lady in the making?

* * * *

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte just did the right thing. Failing to get a truce statement from the NDF-CPP-NPA side, he unhesitatingly revoked his unilateral call for ceasefire with them.

Does this mean, action? “Again, let us to see.”

In the same breath, Duterte also declared, he will definitely disagree with the National Democratic Front (NDF) call for a coalition government.

Having some of them already appointed to important cabinet and other posts is enough.

The other day, he said, there will be no talks with the Abu Sayyaf, now calling them “criminals” unlike before.

Seems that after his well-received SONA and a previous 91% popularity rating, he has started making intelligent pronouncements.

The pats on the back are certainly scoring.

* * * *

The road rage killer is now charged for murder, and is asking the victim’s family to forgive him.

Sorry, so sorry, man. You should have practiced this quote shared to us by Monggueh, “A moment of patience in a moment of anger, saves one from a thousand moments of regrets.

Na ara ta arripinti ya bos. (So, now you are repenting.)

Already begging for forgiveness, the guy, however, still has the temerity to blame his victim for having allegedly piqued him, as he was beaten in a fistfight and was almost choked to death.

The gall. It was he who alighted from his car and asked for trouble. Nusabe man gale bombia. Pues, ele el el ya sale gulpiao. (He turned out to be an unskilled boxer knowing not how to punch, so he got pummeled.

Combiene. (He deserves his fate now.)

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