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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 15:20

If you had noticed, yesterday’s predicted brief piece of SS, did not really turn out that brief. Considerably, it was a little more of that but indeed less in length - just enough. Today, it’s the standard length as requested by Editor Roy.

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All local papers in the past several days were always full of drug stories. And after Pres. Rodrigo Duterte pledged to side with lawmen on all drug-related operations, our police officers and men have turned tough, not only in action but in talks as well… ala-Duerte/Bato. Noticeably, a good sign.

First, the actions. Another suspected drug pusher was killed after he resisted arrest and chose to fight it out with police operatives in Recodo Saturday morning.

Men of the Ayala Police Station led by Chief Insp. Karib Muharram conducted a buy-bust operation at Purok 4, Recodo targeting Gapur Arola alias Gapul, 29.

Sensing he was the subject of a police operation, Arola reportedly pulled out a handgun and opened fire, prompting the lawmen to return fire killing him.

Arola sustained a bullet wound in the body and died on the spot.

He was the 8th drug suspect killed in seven police operations in different places in the city.

On Friday, Chief Insp. Helen Galvez, City Police Office Information Officer, said that a total of 100 persons were arrested from July 1 to 29, in connection with the nationwide campaign against drugs.

Galvez added that a total of 5,581 persons submitted themselves to authorities composing of 5,375 users and 202 pushers and four others who yielded with drugs in their possession.

Also a total of 3,773 houses were knocked on as part of Oplan Tokhang (Tok-tok-Hangyu) (DZT-fed)

* * * *

Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Billy B. Beltran is one such officer who tough talks, too. Like Duterte, he is bold in revealing that there are politicians in the Zamboanga Peninsula who are involved in the drug trade. Beltran disclosed that he is validating and evaluating reports submitted by Sr. Supt.Neil Alinsangan, PRO-9 intelligence chief, on some political figures linked to drug proliferation, after which he will name them all to the media.

And it is not only in the New Bilibid Prisons that shabu proliferates. The illegal stuff was also found in the different jails in the region during check-up and routinary visitations recently.

Seized were more than 200 sachets of shabu.

And just as valiant is City police director, Sr. Supt. Luisito Magnaye as he advised the thousands of drug personalities who already surrendered to completely refrain from going back to their old ways and reform into responsible members of the society.

This, he divulged due to reports that many of these drug personalities have been monitored to be still using and even selling shabu.

“Huwag na tayong maglokohan. (Let’s stop fooling our own selves. If you will be caught again using or selling shabu, then sorry,” Magnaye said in an interview over Brigada News FM.

Bravely he spoke, pushers and users will made to choose where they want to go, “jail or cemetery.” That, he said, is the essence of the now in place “Double Barrel.”

And that’s telling them, Chief.

* * * *

The ceasefire thing between government forces and the National Democratic Front Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (NDF-CPP-NPA) is getting to be complicated. Cosa ba gayot? (What is the true score?)

Several hours after Pres. Rodrigo Duterte revoked the government’s unilateral truce, NDF-CPP-NPA declared its own ceasefire.

While Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza welcomed the move of the communist group, the military has resumed operations against the New People’s Army (NPA) following Duterte’s lifting of the unilateral ceasefire with the communist group Saturday.

Armed Forces chief Ricardo Visaya said the NPA missed a golden opportunity to manifest its commitment to the attainment of peace.

But this lifting of the ceasefire did not sit well with Jose Maria Sison, founder of the CPP, who accused Duterte of being a “bully,” and did some tough talking of his own. Read on.

Sison, in exile in The Netherlands, chided Duterte as having no power over the CPP or NPA.

He should not think that he can just order the (NDF-CPP-NPA, Sison said.

He added, Duterte thinks he has servants that he can order around.

Earning accolades for his ceasefire and subsequent retraction order, Duterte was not spared of criticisms. It was an “impulsive” declaration quickly taken back, sliding the country back to square one on the path to peace.

So spoke, Sen. Leila de Lima on Sunday as she and Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri cited the importance of pushing for a bilateral ceasefire in the wake of an apparent setback in the Duterte administration’s bid to end one of Asia’s longest-running insurgencies.

Asked to comment on the short-lived truce, De Lima said the government might have been rash in making the decision to issue a one-way declaration, and that it should not have expected the communist-led National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to reciprocate the gesture.

The unilateral ceasefire was impulsive as its lifting was, de Lima contended, we are back to where we started, but with bruised egos to boot, instead of the goodwill that prevailed at the start

For his part, Zubiri said, allow tempers to die down first.

He suggested, the negotiators come back to the negotiating table and discuss a bilateral ceasefire at the soonest possible time.

And Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, for once, agreed with Mr. Duterte’s decision.

“He shouldn’t stop there. He should also kick out the two communist Cabinet secretaries,” he said, referring to Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano and Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, “before they could utilize the massive resources and influence” of the their departments “to pursue the communists’ cause.”

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As predicted, today’s piece could just be length desired by Ed Roy. Hasta na siguiente vez. (‘til next time around.) God be with us.