Scrambled senses PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 August 2016 13:42


BY Sarita Sebastian

“Let’s get drunk”. That’s the first line that entered her mind, for what reason? only God knows. For all intent and purposes, it’s the line I haven’t heard for the longest time. The last time I’ve heard such was thousands of years ago,when Jansport became a fad.

I normally write about current issues much more when it comes to my line. Lo and behold , this is different because I saw pain in someone’s eyes, I held her tears, I heard so much silence, so loud in my ears. Is that what they call “the scrambled senses”?  Yeah, I think so. whatever it is, just the same it happened, she’s like a lost star these days, trying to shine for others when deep inside she’s aching, too much,  down to the last fiber of her soul.

Why do I care?  I should, coz God forbid, I think she will break down and for whatever reason, no one knows , I am not sure about it though. Much as I want to extract from her what went wrong? I seem can’t get any answer, not even a blink except the dreaded BLANK STARE.

She looked wasted. Obviously, groping for a much needed air, poor soul! Why does one have to undergo down moments, when life can be simple, if only we can control our fate. Worse scenario maybe if one is fooled by a person whom you think is worth your time.

Many times, she easily cried. I saw her tears roll down on her cheeks , then she tried to wipe it, tried to smile, to project that nothing is wrong, that everything is fine , when in truth, everything was damn wrong.  Yeah, scrambled senses, as they call it. But why? will it ever end? Only time knows. I just hope it will end soon. After all, life can still be truly beautiful, with the right people around you, no qualms or pretentions and above all, respect must exist. Salud kitty! Better yet listen to the tune, “My life” by Billy Joel , it will make you feel good, right Primo Roy?! (Exactly! — Editor) Email me at