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Thursday, 04 August 2016 13:45

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato


Awareness to the intensified police drug campaign clearly surfaces to be on a high level. Drugsters surrender even to the Maritime Police Office.

Can you beat that. For a fact, we know responsibilities of Maritime outfits are limited to watercraft operations.

But eight drug users have turned themselves in to the 901st Maritime Police Station based in Paniran, Zamboanga City wharf.

And according to 901st Chief Sr. Inspector Wilfredo A. Abellon, his office looks at the subject voluntary submission as part of “ Oplan Tokhang” of the Philippine National Police Chief under Direcor General  Roland “ Bato” Dela Rosa.

In his report to Supt. Salbino C. Piad, chief, Regional Maritime Unit-9, Abellon, disclosed that the eight drug users came from Masepla 3 in Barangay  Mampang.

See? Mampang. Yet, the eight travelled all the way to far-off Paniran.

Accepting their move, the eight self-confessed drug users made their pledge to stay away from illegal drugs, signed their oath of promise and submitted themselves to  photo mugshots.

* * * *

It is but fitting that the City Council members should put their acts together, and release the body from the bondage of ambition and greed.

It’s been more than a month since the new council set sat together, and up until now, the committees have not yet been formed. Unattended measures referred to different committees keep piling up, gathering dust.

Of the 36 standing only three hard heads from each opposing camps are holding on to their dream committee chairmanships, all thinking they are best fit for the committee they covet.

The scramble for the chairmanships remains deadlocked between Members Mike Alavar and Jihan Edding over Agriculture, Members BG Guingona and Meng Agan on trade and Industry; and Rudy Lim and Rudy Bayot on Education.

From the perspective of this corner, of the trio forces, only one is on a level playing field, the other two are shoo aways.

Whereas, BG is a former chairman of subject committee, with records to his name, the challenger is now a 3-term member. And a CPA-Lawyer to boot. That is how level the playing field is.

But this time, WS will simply give hints on the shoo-in battlers, having already extensively written on the issue a week or so ago. So, please review previous SS editions on my timeline.

The hints: Agriculture. One is a former chairman of subject committee, and in his inaugural speech, it was his plans in the field of agriculture that dominated the air. The rival, is a newcomer, with no record to her name.

Education, one is similarly a former chair of subject committee. For three terms in a row, with several achievements to his name. While the  competing force is an old hand and a former elementary classroom teacher, he has no merit to his name in subject committee. As a matter of fact, the he is reputed to never have been a chairman of any committee in the six years he was in office.

Folks, in the original  writeup on the matter, WS was more specific, citing that the education committee is no laughing  matter as it is not a circus. Interested to know the details? Repeat, surf the net, please for SS on my timeline. It is recorded there.

Fact is, for sure, partymates of the respective opposing factions know the capability and inability of one and the other.

WS then urges them, be men enough - go for the throat! - tell him or her, give in. Your rival is better fit for the job than you.

Then call for a vote. Forget party affiliation, if only on this particular matter. Release the Council from the bondage of ambition and greed. The Council must move.

* * * *

Armed with a city government funding of  P117 million for the purchase of modern CCTV surveillance cameras, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, Dr. Elmeir Apolinario has created the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the formulation of the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the public safety and surveillance project.

Described as highly sophisticated and modern, the cameras are to be installed in strategic areas in the city.

Apolinario said the members of the TWG include the police, Task Force Zamboanga and the city government.

He also said, some of the old CCTV cameras purchased by the former administration of then mayor, now Congressman Celso Lobregat will be incorporated with the new ones, but that only few of the cameras are still operational as these units were not properly maintained.

It will be recalled, in 2012, the Lobregat administration bought at least 80 units of surveillance cameras amounting to more than P20 million which were installed in many areas of the city including the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center.

He then said that will serve as a lesson on the part of the present administration.

In a related development, PRO9 Director C/Supt. Billy Beltran underscored among other salient concerns, the importance of having CCTV cameras installed in the city’s strategic places, especially in crime-prone areas.

“Malaking tulong talaga mga iyon, the CCTV cameras (The cameras are a big help) to us in combating crimes,” Gen. Beltran emphasized during the press briefing at Camp Batalia, Mercedes over the weekend and attended by the local media and other stakeholders in the community, .

He cited as an example the disclosure of Gen. “Bato” dela Rosa that had it not been for the CCTV camera, police investigators would have been clueless in the case of the Quiapo road rage. Footages of a CCTV pinpointed  Vhon Tanto as the suspect killer.

* * * *

From investigator to be investigated. That is neophyte Sen. Leila de Lima, who now faces charges of alleged links to the illegal drug trade.

For her part, the tenderfoot lawmaker hit back at officials of the Duterte administration for carrying out a “demolition job” against her. De Lima likened her situation to the victims of “cardboard justice” or summary killings, which she condemned and labeled the “do-it- yourself” (DIY) justice system being carried out under the campaign against illegal drugs of the administration of Pres. Duterte, which has claimed hundreds of lives.

* * * *

Writer Rigoberto Tiglao has belittled the leadership of Jose Ma. Sison, who he described as a megalomaniac septuagenarian. Of what he had say as portrayed hereunder, what sense is there in negotiating with him?

Tiglao said, Sison no longer commands, nor has any influence over, the New People’s Army or the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Even his ideological sway over the communist insurgents has weakened to a mere nostalgia since he was captured in 1977.

It was former Pres. Cory Aquino who resuscitated his mythology, Sison, who he said, would have long joined the ranks of the old leaders of the pro-Soviet Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas like the Lava brothers who the young communists have not even come to know or heard about.

He contended, Sison’s expertise really has been propaganda, and he has managed to portray himself as having totally led and who still leads the Communist Party. The reality is that there had been several challenges to his megalomania since 1974, when cadres found out with total certainty that he ordered the Plaza Miranda bombing of the Liberal Party’s miting de avance in 1971 and then blamed Marcos for it.

His decline as the communist leader in the Philippines hastened when he fled the country in 1987, especially as the generation of CPP cadres and NPA commanders who had taken command had come from the youth group Samahang Demokratiko ng Pilipinas (SDK), which Sison ordered dismantled in 1972 to give way to his organization Kabataang Makabayan.