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Saturday, 06 August 2016 15:08

News item:  “PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has warned lawmakers against using Charter change for their selfish motives, or Congress will be shut down.”

How? Just wondering aloud. Per memory recall, it happens under the amended Philippine Constitution, the President can only declare martial law in cases of emergency brought about by massive armed attack, war or insurgency and the like, and only for a very limited time, within in which the Senate and Congress in joint session concur or thumb down the declaration. Now, who in his right mind would concur with it as it will lead to the abolition of the legislative machinery - them, the victims.

Military take-over? Naaah, that would mean the expulsion of even the President.

How then is the big wonder.

* * * *

Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Fariñas of Ilocos Norte said he is in favor of lifting the term limits of elective officials, a supposed constitutional safeguard against monopoly of power.

Fariñas justified his position by saying term limits eventually lead to political dynasties.

When one is ineligible for reelection, people will clamor for someone related to him/her for the continuity of service, so a wife, son or daughter is fielded,” Fariñas told reporters.

That’s the reality, he added, explaining that it is term limit that has kept him in politics since the 1980’s

WS agrees, as Fariñas is perfectly right. There is no sense in  limiting one’s terms. One can always tap a relative to take his/her place and then return.  Also, one can always sit down one term either and run in the next.

One other point, term limits normally cause the over-crowding of candidates in the next available higher post, contending - even if his/her chances are nil - having no other recourse, try their luck.

Baka man chamba, ba. (He just might hit the jackpot.)

We hope other members in both houses, see the matter in the same light.

* * * *

The Duterte image truly sends chills down the spine of people. Thousands of drugsters surrender. Even Mayors are driven to tears in his presence. And those with criminal minds seem to have lessened, as the crime rate has lowered.

Tycoon Roberto Ongpin, after being singled out by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte as one of many “oligarchs” who have benefited from government connections lost no time in announcing his resignation as chairman and director of a listed online gaming firm PhilWeb Corp.

The resignation, however was sugar-coated as supposedly focus on the real estate projects of Alphaland Corp. Ongpin’s property firm.

Alphaland Corp. That name rings a bell in my ears… Ah, yes. Seems to be the firm that sold the piece of property where the huge-funded controversial Makati building rose, and as seen to have caused the downfall of some Binays.

In the same manner, Duterte publicly threatened to “destroy” Ongpin and other oligarchs “embedded in the government.”

Soon after, PhilWeb Corp. (WEB), which opened at P13.20 apiece in the morning, suffered a 36.88-percent or P5.23 drop in its share price on Thursday, to close at P8.95 per share.

And Alexander Tiu, senior equity analyst at AB Capital Securities Inc., attributed the sharp drop in PhilWeb’s share price to the terrorizing statement of the President.

Also, the report said that as of writing, Ongpin has yet to resign his chairmanship in a listed mining firm Atok-Big Wedge Co. Inc.

* * * *

All the while, WS thought that the same Duterte image Donald Trump is flaunting was the latch with which he was rising to emerge US President. But it seems like the largely US-based Zamboangueño Bob Jaldon is right. Hilary Clinton, he says, is a cinch for the White House.

News have it, internal party turmoil over Donald Trump spilled into public alarm Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) after unprecedented self-inflicted mistakes by the Republican nominee, as some conservatives prepared to do the unthinkable: vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

It was a nightmarish 48 hours for the embattled Republican flag bearer, as he deepened his public feud with the parents of a fallen Muslim American soldier, refused to back House Speaker Paul Ryan’s re-election bid and used crass language while accepting a supporter’s Purple Heart as a gift - that has highlighted Republicans’ concerns.

Meanwhile, a Fox News poll showed Clinton with a 10-point lead over Trump, at 49 percent to 39 percent. Just a month ago that figure stood at six points, Fox News said.

Trump sought to dispel panic, reassuring voters at a Daytona Beach, Florida rally that his campaign has “never been so well united.”

A growing list of Clinton converts suggests otherwise.

Changes have been introduced in the 2016 Rio Olympics for the boxing competition, most notable being the participation of women boxers for only the second time in the history of the Games and the inclusion of professional male boxers in the mix.

Headgears will no longer be worn by men and, for the first time in the tournament’s history, the ‘10-point must’ scoring system used in professional boxing will be adopted.

Two Filipino boxers, lightweight Charly Suarez and light flyweight Rogen Ladon, who punched their way to the Rio Games by advancing in Olympic qualifying tournaments will plunge into action in the Olympics proper. Suarez and Ladon are poised to end the country’s gold medal drought in the Olympics - the last of which came in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, when Mansueto Velasco captured a silver medal in the light flyweight class.

* * * *

Manny Pacquiao, with the hope that WS is wrong, may rally be looking for trouble. Against all odds he returns to the ring later this year to fight the young undefeated World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Jessie Vargas.

Hende pa ga’t contento con su riquesa? (Is he still not contented with his riches?)

Retirement, according to manager Michael Koncz, doesn’t suit Manny right now.

Ese kamo ta habla. (That is what they say.)

They should gauge the evident dwindling performances of Pacquiao since his fight with that black boxer, forgot hisname, who went  into the ring to simply cover his face and body, hardly throwing leather. That fight seemed to be a curse. From then on, Pacquiao settled for so so wins, even snoozing from a round house punch of Juan Manuel Marquez thrown from the below the hips.

Pacquiao has nothing to prove in fighting Vargas. He already has a niche carved out in boxing. A rematgch with either Marquez or Floyd Mayweather would have been rikhtly justified.

* * * *

The call of Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto for Pres. Duterte to grant parole or pardon to “old, infirm or terminally-ill prisoners,” especially those who are not guilty of heinous crimes, is sensible.

Right on, as “Duterte is planning to release so-called ‘political prisoners’ as part of the trust-building steps to cinch a peace deal with communists, then he must set in motion a process that will grant liberty to prisoners sick of cancer, the aged, the infirm, those who can be freed on humanitarian grounds,” Recto said.