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Monday, 08 August 2016 12:05



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Do not accuse anyone for no reason—when they have done you no harm…” (Proverbs 3:30, the Holy Bible).

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DUTERTE MUST BACK HIS CLAIMS VS. JUDGES WITH PROOF: The Filipino people do have a great reason to thank President Duterte for his exposes naming judges, mayors, and police and other officials as drug protectors, but much more than simply identifying those who have supposed links with drug syndicates, the Chief Executive has the duty to provide right away indubitable proof of his claims.

As a prosecutor for quite some time, Duterte knows the rule that accusation is not synonymous with evidence. He also knows that it is tremendously easy to accuse someone of a crime, but it is very difficult to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

Many will again say that the President sure knows what he is doing, and that he would not be publicly pointing to judges, mayors, and other officials as having links with drug operations if he did not have some basis in doing so, and they maybe correct. But then, Duterte is not above the law, particularly that which says all persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent unless proven guilty through a court trial.

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WHO ARE THOSE WHO WERE ACCUSED OF DUTERTE? As a practicing lawyer who is in court every day, I am particularly interested in knowing Duterte’s bases for accusing members (or ex-members) of the judiciary as drug protectors. As the President is aware of, accusing judges of being drug coddlers erodes the people’s faith not only in those who have been accused, but against the whole judiciary as well.

So, I challenge Duterte again: please show proof against Judge Mupas of Dasmarinas City; Judge Reyes of Baguio City; Judge Savillo of the Iloilo City Regional Trial Court, Branch 13; Judge Casiple of Kalibo, Aklan; MTC Judge Rene Gonzales; Judge Navidad of Calbayog City; MTC Judge Exekel Dagala; and Judge Dapa of Siargao.

For the record, however, a Google search showed the following: there was a Judge Lorinda B. Toledo Mupas from the Dasmarinas, Cavite, Municipal Trial Court of Dasmarinas Cavite who is already dismissed; there was (is?) a Judge Antonio Reyes of the Baguio City Regional Trial Court, Branch 61, who is now in Pasig City; there was (is?) a Judge Adriano Savillo of the Iloilo City Regional Trial Court, Branch 30.

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DUTERTE’S LATEST LIST IS AN UNFAIR  LIST: On the other hand, Google searches yielded the following information: there is a Judge Domingo L. Casiple Jr., of the Regional Trial Court of Kalibo, Aklan, Branch 17; there is a Judge Rene Barreta Gonzales of the Iloilo City Municipal Trial Court in Cities,  Branch 07; there was a Judge Roberto Navidad of Calbayog City Regional Trial Court, Branch 32, but he was killed in an ambush in January 2016.

There was no Google entry for a Judge Exekel Dagala, but there is an entry about a “Dagala, Exequil Longos” from Surigao Del Norte who appears to have passed the bar in 1997, and who was assigned the roll number 42403. Judge Dapa of Siargao does not appear to be a name of a person, but it seems to be a reference to a judge from a place called “Dapa” in Siargao.

My point is that, the list released by Duterte last Sunday, August 07, 2016 is terribly lacking in details and so, it is also an unfair list, because it makes blanket but unverifiable accusations not just against specific personalities but even against the departments where the accused officials come from. Either Duterte must show his proof right away, or the personalities referred to must do the clarification themselves.

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