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Monday, 08 August 2016 12:07


BY Sarita Sebastian

Many of us were happy to see our local leaders gather during the public hearing organized by the City Government of Zamboanga for the Palafox group to present their draft as to the preparation of the City’s Master Development Plan.

Despite the so much scenarios attributed to each other during the political campaign,  they were able to set aside their personal differences if only to work for the good of our city, which for me personally is a big deal.

No doubt, Mayor Beng, Cong Mannix and Cong Celso only want the best for our city. What will differ among the three of them is their sincerity and capacity to do their respective jobs.

In the case of Mayor Beng, who heads the executive branch, she will  have so much say with regard to the implementation of the plans and programs of the City. Of course, Mayor Beng will need the cooperation and support of her Department Heads and the locals as well.

Former Mayor now Congressman Lobregat being, a good friend of Tatay Digong will have a good shot in Congress apart from his being a workaholic. His plans are big for our City. In fact,he already filed a bill for the establishment of railway system in this part of the country, connecting us to our vicinos. I am sure, more will come, beneficial to us residentes del ciudad.

In the case of Congressman Mannix, I am not sure of his concrete priorities to this date, but I am hoping he will learn the ins and outs of congress and thereby introduce measures to compliment the projects of Ate Beng and Cong Celso in our city.

There is more for our beautiful Zamboanga City, if only our three leaders will join efforts. Yes, expect arguments to take place, and I consider it as normal BUT without prejudice to our city’s progress and development. Afterall, we are living in a democratic society, we enjoy that RIGHT to say what we want for as long as,it is not below the belt , como el otro alegre ase!

Ojala el mga bentajoso hende toma bentaja na situacion cay alli ta queda malo el camada. Yes, our local  people know who these opportunists are and I can’t wait to see for the thunder to strike them directly. Manada pa ulan ay socede. — Email me at