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Monday, 08 August 2016 12:10

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

It’s another late start for SS today, it’s 12.30. But for sure SS will see print.

There can be no ifs and buts, from all indications, Councilor Teodiver Arquiza is in flight from justice. It’s been three days since the issuance of the warrant for his arrest and he is nowhere in sight. And according to a councilor-lawyer-friend Arquiza was at the justice hall for a preliminary sitting to determine if, as recommended by the prosecuting panel, he and his two co-accused be indeed denied bail in three of the six cases filed.

When on the first batch of charges, they were granted the right to bail, the second batch remained in thin air.  Thus, indications for bail denial was apparent. Then, after posting bail amounting to a total of P90,000, he, too vanished into thin air.

That is what made us write these lines — If indeed friend Teodiver is in hiding, that’s a bad move on his part. That proves he is a flight risk. Elective an official as he is, with proper connections all over, he could have moved for the granting of bail. But to hide may mean he is likely to jump bail, so no amount of influence from any powers-that-be may move the presiding judge to grant any possible motion for the grant of bail.

* * * *

IP representative in the City Council, Ismael Musa had this to say of Teodiver... “… As our elder, your fan, please confront your problem squarely, be a Man, disprove your detractors, your enemies, your bad wishers. If it is true that you are evading arrest, come out into the open for it is quiet impossible for one to hide from the long arms of of the law, we do not like one day to see and hear you in the very TV station you are regularly seen be the “headline” of Dateline Zamboanga, that you will be seen handcuffed and escorted to court or jail, or worse as a victim of target practice by some vigilantes or trigger happy bad law enforcers.

Hon. Arquiza Sir, you are not alone in this City who face(s) the same dilemma. There are others who carry bigger problems and face(s) more complicated cases than you. Have faith in our Judicial system, of our Court of Law, of our Judges, for in the end Truth will prevail, and truth will set you free.

There are, however, two points to which WS commiserates with Coun. Arquiza. One, the three cases he faces are non-bailable. He has then to be incarcerated in City Jail pending litigation of the suits. And that may take time.

And point two bears twin angles. For the prosecutors to recommend denial of bail, and for the presiding judge to concur in it, send strong signals of gravity of evidence. It’s Bilibid or not.

But there is a ring tone first used by the recuperating Nonie Dondoyano that says, “You cannot run. You cannot hide. In two minutes, a commando will swoop down on you.”

Ending words sound truly resonant sound to Teodiver, “Huwag kang aalis, sasagutin na niya ang fownnne.”

Joke. Got the link? If not, communicate with me in private.

* * * *

The local police are indeed animated in the anti drug drive, as Zamboanga City’s own “Kill List” grows, as the 9th drug suspect falls dead in a police operation in Mampang.

The latest fatality was identified as Roseller Hipolito Ramos, 44, married, of Rancho Piedra Drive, Mampang.

Men of the Tetuan Police Station led by Supt. Nonito Asdai staged a buy-bust operation targeting Ramos, around 11 p.m. Reportedly, however after marked money and a sachet of shabu changed hands, Ramos realized he was a subject of police operation. He pulled out a .38  cal. revolver and opened fire, prompting lawmen to return fire killing him.

Per police report, it happens Ramos is a fugitive from the law and uses Rodolfo Ramos as an alias after he was linked to a robbery/hold-up case four years ago. He was arrested but escaped while being taken to the prosecutor office for inquest.

In another raid, three persons were arrested at Justina Subdivision in Putik before noon Thursday.

A police report disclosed that the raid was carried out by men of the Divisoria Police Station led by Chief Insp. Arlan Delumpines armed with a search warrant against Nathaniel Que y Tolosa for violation of R.A. 9165

During the serving of the search warrant, policemen caught Adaliza Charity Anni y Allian, 26, of Putik and Salan Mustada y Awalil, 17, of Lorenzo Heights, Putik, engaging in shabu session.

Policemen recovered from their possession two medium size sachets, one small size sachet of shabu and several drug paraphernalia.

The two adult suspects were detained at the Divisoria Police Station  while Mustada was brought to the Children in Conflict with the Law Center in Culianan.(With DZT reports)

* * * *

Now, the word is out. President Duterte vowed there would be no let up in the fight against the Abu Sayyaf, calling on government forces to kill the bandits down “to the last man.”

“There will never be any peace negotiation. You have to destroy them. That is the order: Destroy them,” Duterte told the troops last Friday night at the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Central Command in Camp Lapu-Lapu in Cebu City.

He said he has no tolerance for the Abu Sayyaf, notorious for kidnap-for-ransom activities and beheading its hostages.

“Finish the problem, finish them to the last man,” he said.

Duterte noted how terrorism would remain the biggest threat to the country in the next decade

* * * *

There are differing reports on the Duterte statement on judges and lawmakers.

PDI says President Rodrigo Duterte early Sunday named politicians, members of the judiciary and law enforcers who he said are involved in illegal drugs.

Duterte’s list includes mayors, congressmen, judges, police and the military.

And TMT writes, after naming narco-politicos and police officers and men linked to the illegal drug trade, this time, President Rodrigo Duterte’s will train his guns on bigger drug targets: lawmaker and judges.

See the difference” - Named and will name.

* * * *

FOREIGN drug lords operating in the country have started to flee the Philippines, moving to neighboring Asian countries and America in a supposed bid to relocate their operations, a source from the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) said Saturday.

Although they escaped, that’s better as they said to be re-locating their operations.

The source admitted the BoI cannot hold or prevent from leaving foreigners, whose names are included in the order of battle of various law-enforcement agencies, because of the required court order or warrant of arrest.

And it’s good, too, before escaping, the authorities arrested a Nigerian in Marikina and a Korean at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

* * * *

After launching an all-out war against illegal drugs, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II  said the Duterte administration would next pounce on illegal gambling nationwide.

The President directed Aguirre to conduct an investigation and verify the status of  small time lottery

He said the Duterte administration  had to prioritize the war on narcotics “to prevent illegal gambling syndicates from shifting to illegal drugs.”

* * * *

The burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani had not been formally discussed, President Duterte’s spokesperson said yesterday amid reports Sept. 18 had been set as the burial date.

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, in the same manner said he was not privy to the matter.

Why? When the President decides, as according to the young Marcos (Bongbong), he did when they talked in person at Malacañang, does it have to discussed formally with them?

Publicly, Duterte had said during the election campaign that he was agreeable to a Libingan ng mga Bayani burial for the former president.

The President also bared, he wanted to end the issue that had been dividing the country.

In point and in fact, that’s more than enough.