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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:59

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Newly elected City Councilor and former Barangay Chairman of Talon-Talon, Teodyver Arquiza,  also an active broadcaster and TV host, must come forward peacefully and receive the warrant for his arrest from the court of justice rather than be a fugitive. At the moment, only the court that served the warrant can declare him innocent and regain his freedom. Face trial and show cause why you are innocent of those charges. This is the only way at the moment, because no amicable settlement can absolve him, even if those charges filed against him are trumped up charges. Before a warrant of arrest is issued, a due process of the law through a preliminary hearing was afforded him. It should be at that moment that amicable settlement was done, so the City Prosecutors will not forward his case to the court for litigation. The City Prosecutors office is the only branch of our Justice system that can decide at the very beginning of a complaint as to whether a complaint warrants a formal hearing in the court sala. But, at any rate, a warrant of arrest does not mean you are guilty. Only the judge can declare that after a fair trial. But to escape and unlawfully disregard a warrant of arrest is aggravating and at the first hint and glance, the court may perceive it as guilt.

* * * * * *

Councilor Arquiza is an asset to the city council and city government. He has shown this character when Zamboanga City came under siege three years ago by the MNLF. Arquiza risked life and limb to report blow by blow daily the MNLF atrocities so the people of Zamboanga City was kept informed. Together with Radioman Bong Simbajon and Jimmy Villaflores, now also a City Councilor, he  kept the city populace aware and prepared on any eventuality. Councilor Arquiza was elected by the voters of District 2 even if this case at bar was pending in court. This therefore goes to show that the public believe in his innocence. It is just following procedures of our justice system to hear both sides of the case and issuance of a warrant of arrest are one of those judicial procedures. It will also provide Arquiza avenues to deny those charges and defend himself and his honor. This can only prosper if he will give up and face his tormentors and prove them wrong in front of the judge.

* * * * * *

General Ulysses S. Grant, a Southerner during the American revolution between the North and the South says “the will of the people is the best law”.

This therefore show that if the will of the people elected you to be a leader, then justice is done and one is vindicated. But, justice and law should be corroborated by truth like an  ANONYMOUS  Latin Proverb says “Vincit Omnia Veritas “ ( Truth Conquers All Things” and an  ANONYMOUS Legal Maxim that says “ Suppressio Veri, Expressio Falsi”

(Suppresion of Truth is a False Representation). Indeed, the “truth will set you free”. A piece of advice to Councilor Arquiza, the City Council and the Yellow Team need you.

* * * * * *

Scoop: More controversial developments at the City Council will happen in the next few days as foreseen with these circumstances. Actually it is better for the City Council to “bleed” plenty in one day, than “bleed” little everyday. This is the only way to “separate the chaff from the grain” for a better legislation untainted by politics, in the coming days. This will be good for Zamboanga City.  Agree or disagree.

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