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Sunday, 14 August 2016 15:14

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Was in another fix with my USB this morning and lost all researched newsworthy bits and pieces to write of. Thus, will have to write a  brief piece from memory.

Barangay Chair Aimie Cabato has her hands full in dealing with he recent gun duel in Baliwasan involving a kagawad and a member of the local police. The incident and its preceding circumstances, she says, are so complicated that practically all police heads in Zamboanga City — name one, he must have been there — came to see her at one time for a talk. And talk they did.

Just what they talked about is not readily within the grasp of this corner. Full of twists and turns, as spelled out earlier on, WS keeps matters under wraps, not wanting to spoil ongoing police investigations.

News reports however linked the matter to rice smuggling. So many names and all get into the picture.

In due time though, all rudiments that led to the shootout will be bared.

Intricate as things stand, for the moment that’s all that WS can speak of the matter. Convoluting truly.

* * * *

So few speak of Hidilyn Diaz’s feat breaking the drought of an Olympic medal for the last two decades. Several, however feast on the bounty bestowed on her because of her achievement. Per memory, we recall, through the Philippine Sports Association (PSA), PCSO gave her P5 m reward,  business tycoon Manuel Pangilinan, P5 m, too. The president, P2 m, and a land developer, a posh house and lot in Metro Manila, with some others pledging some more.

This bonanza has even raised concerns for her  and her family’s security, residing as they do in a coastal vicinity— accessible to entry and exit of watercrafts.

Yes, one thing for the family should seriously consider. Coastal areas havens for escaping thugs. And criminally minded individuals have no respects for heroes and heroines.    They strike wherever there is money.

Just a point to ponder.

* * * *

If one notices, on several instances, after a particular written item ends, there are phrases such as (TMT-fed), (With reports from DZT), (Lifted from MB), etc.

That WS (for Writing Sniper) includes, once in a while, whenever he gets hasty — or call it lazy — and extensively uses phrases upon  phrases lifted direct from items written by news writers.

That, WS does to make sure the writer, source or paper is properly credited for the effort. Likewise, WS would not wish that they accuse me of plagiarism.

Learning yesterday that even Editor Roy Ramos is unaware as to what is meant by one of the initials, this here item comes out today to ascertain that nobody is left in the dark, too. The initials Ed Roy inquired about is TZT. That  meant “The Zamboanga Today” — an error, he said, that should only be ZT for Zamboanga Today without the article “The”.    WS stands corrected.

The rest are: DZT (Daily Zamboanga Times), TMT (The Manila Times), MB (Manila Bulletin), PS (Philippine Star), SS (Sun Star. And Sound Snipes, too. But its usage is certainly clear as in  reference to what.  Right?), MS (Manila Standard) and PDI (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

* * * *

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte appears to certainly have a soft spot in his heart for women.

Repeatedly having said, he had no plans at all to name VP Leni Robredo to a cabinet post, in one seating with her, presto..! Leni sits in one.

There’s more hereunder from the pillastron (naughty guy) of Leni. Two other observations, first.

Yesterday, in a surprising move, Duterte issued a public apology for using harsh words against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, after  the latter declared a truce for her part.    And the apology was directed personally to her.

Is the Sen. Leila de Lima next? Yet, unlikely, “me thinks.” Remember, Sereno had initiated a clam down of her verbal assaults.

To de Lima, can’t tell if a declaration of similar ceasefire from her will do the trick. It just might.

Soft spot ya gayot. (A marked soft spot, it truly is.

But of men, it could be different. Only today, he stood pat in not taking back his words of US Ambassador to Manila, Philip Goldberg, who Duterte said, deserved to be called “gay” and a “son of a whore”.

To that, US top officials have taken offense, saying the statements are unacceptable, Goldberg being one of the most senior American diplomats.

Back to Leni.

“You can’t help staring at her.” So, spoke the president to soldiers at Camp Sang-An in Pulacan, Labangan town in Zamboanga del Sur the other day. In so doing, Duterte expressed effusive admiration for Vice President Leni Robredo, describing her as ladylike, kind and beautiful.

Saying Robredo may yet have the chance to sit as president, if and when in visiting various areas in the country, he just might get to be unlucky and the country would have a new president, a woman – referring to Robredo.

Duterte joked, however, the troops would no longer listen to her but would just keep on staring. He related an occasion when he was addressing an audience and his attention was diverted because Robredo’s skirt was raised a bit. Que loko. (So unearthly)